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Today, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. is reporting the provincial government's best place to work advertising campaign has cost taxpayers $973,425. That amount does not include monies spent on ads promoting British Columbia as the best place to learn, live and invest. But what's even more interesting is that the agency responsible for the campaign's creative and development work was TBWA\Vancouver. For those of you who don't know, TBWA is better known as Bryant, Fulton and Shee Advertising Inc. - the firm responsible for marketing the Liberals during the last election. Province columnist Michael Smyth also revealed Bryant, Fulton and Shee as being the creative mind behind the government's so-called fact-based healthcare and pharmacare advertising campaigns. And it was the ad agency for the Vancouver 2010 Bid Corp.


I wonder how many surgeries that money could have been used for?

Yup, as well as books for the blind and hot lunch programmes for school children. How does Collins live with himself?

Good question Parkhurst, thanks to those "caring" HEU "professionals" we now have extra 4300 surgeries to get done.

The upside is that at least some of those are now getting performed at private clinics who thankfully don't have to deal with that "caring" HEU mentality. Smart move HEU.

Fortunately with the foresight and wisdom of the former NDP Government the amount of private clinics in BC was doubled so they can handle the workload. Nice of the HEU to send the business that way don’t you think ?

Probably the same way that New Democrats lived with themselves when they were in office and spending a considerable amount more on government advertising than this government has.

All governments advertise and all oppositions bitch about it. Many parties, while in opposition, believe very passionately that they will not advertise when they elected and all do.

Why? Because at some point all governments realize that if they do not get their own message out unfiltered by critics or the media they will continue taking it on the chin day in and day out.

Insipring explanation? Probably not, but the truth all the same.

This one is going to be painful. Particularly when its directed at a guy who referred to me as somewhat akin to "an evangelical Christian." But for once, I concur with Mr. English. All governments are guilty of using public taxpayers fund for trumpeting how good a job they're doing, or using propaganda to try and fool the general public.

But I don't believe the NDP ever went on record (until recently when Carole James stated that it was wrong then... and its wrong now.) with the fervent exhuberance that the BC Fiberals did claiming that they wouldn't use public funds for partisan advertising. Its almost been since Day 1. A scoreboard of the New Era promises broken and kept, until recently taken down, on the website.

But what no one talks about is the fact that no matter who is in government, CanWorst Gliberal and the other media outlets always make a killing when it comes to government advertising. Its all about optics and messaging, and when you control the method of communications, you'll always be the winner.

congrats kegler,,
now, for the rest of you,,,,
follow the reverend and god bless you.

As usual, Mr. Larsen has a nice way of turning a comment about the misuse of public money into a union bashing session. Talk about blind faith for Gordo. I really don`t care who does it, I don`t like our money spent this way - NDP, Liberal, whoever. How about you Mr. Larsen, does it give you a warm and tingly feeling watching those wonderful ads on TV? Do you feel that it is money well spent? I was merely saying that the money could be spent on more important things.


Maybe if you knew someone who had their surgery cancelled due to the greed of the HEU you might feel otherwise.

And to be honest Parkhurst, I really do get a warm tingly feeling every time I see footage from around our Province. I think BC is an amazing place to live, and I am thankful we are finally back on track again after the decade of damage.

To answer your question, do I feel the money was well spent? If you buy into the argument that all governments are going do it in one form or another, than I would rather look at video footage of our great province instead of a black and white look at how wonderful we are theme.

Having said that I think government advertising could (and should) be reformed along the lines of the budget transparency legislation introduced by the Lib’s early on. Have a maximum amount that can be spent, regulate the timing, and be clear of the purpose of the advertising. Accept the reality that governments can and will advertise, but clean up and eliminate the games and have a hard cap on the amount allowed and when. My .02

After all does anyone really believe any politician that claims they will not advertise in as partisan a manner as they can get away with ?

One million dollars on an ad with one theme and that is only part of the story. Hope you do not have to go to Surrey memorial or for that matter any other hospital. You may find some dirt on the floor.And you will be paying dearly for those private clinics at some point. In fact you are now and as usual there is no significant savings but big profits for the profiteers. But I guess Kevin must have one of those big time jobs where the air is fresh and clean and he does not have to hobnob with the workers, especialy those uppity union ones who want a decent wage and working conditions.How convenient as well that it is okay for the Fibs to spend all that money cause they all do it. How hypocritically convenient for the Fib apologists.But shame is not part of the repetoire.Only greed.

Larsen- as I am married to a 25 year LPN I know first hand the "greed" that you refer to. You`d better give your head a bit of a shake and rethink your hatred towards unions. I hear first hand about the kind of work that the HEU does, and the kind of shifts that are involved to treat people probably like you and I that are ill. I also am aware of the fact that Gordo said he would not rip up collective agreements, so we`ll leave that bit as it is. The present government is a bit shy of their commitment to an open honest gov`t. Obviously you don`t have a problem with lying. I do have a problem with liars, and don`t care if it is Liberal, Conservative, or NDP doing the lying.
The subject being discussed on this particular thread is about the million or so dollars being spent on advertising to ouselves what a wonderful place BC is. If one is doing well financially, I don`t think advertising would be necessary to convince them. If their not doing so well, advertising is one hell of a way to hit home that they`re not. In my view the ads are a complete waste of OUR money, and an insult. And isn`t it nice that the amount spent had to be retrieved through a freedom of information request. Open, honest, and accountable? To whom?

See here is the thing SB, if public sectors unions such as the HEU, continue to insist on illegally holding patients as hostages until their greedy demands are met, eventually both government and the public will demand something is done about it.

Everyone will agree that private clinics are not about saving money, and they are mainly being used to ensure that surgeries are getting done. The reality is, public hospitals are increasingly seeing surgeries get cancelled, due to a variety of different factors, and everyone within the system knows that there are many different reasons as to why. Enter all of the competing and vested interests looking to make a partisan argument to further their own cause and all you end up with is finger pointing and little else.

Many people waiting for surgery are getting to the point that they don’t care where it is done, private clinic or otherwise, they just want to get on with their lives. If Unions such as the HEU continue on the path they are, people and the government will look for alternatives – if a private clinics can guarantee “X” amount of surgeries get performed when hospital’s are becoming increasingly less reliable – Where would you go? Unions need to get on board and work with the Health Authorities not against them.

I wonder where Kevin Larsen lives if has to watch TV to figure out BC is a beatiful place to live. Heck, I could have told him that in phone call. As to greed of HEU workers, at 15 bucks an hour they are not getting wealthy by any stretch, in fact one can hardly live let alone buy a home. Wake up

It's a good thing that the premier is supporting literacy JB, that way you can learn to read what it was I actually wrote.

I indicated that I would rather view "video footage of our great province instead of a black and white look at how wonderful we are theme"

Implying that all HEU workers only make only $15/hr hours is an absolute fabrication. Mind you that is in keeping within the make it up as we go along mentality of the NDP so at least you are consistent in your fabrication.

Larsen, your spin on the HEU strike is making me dizzy. But then again, any union exercising their right to strike I guess would be illegal in your (and Gordo's) eyes. First of all, why don't you take a look at the ENTIRE labour situation as it pertains to Collective Bargaining with HEU. If you bothered to take your head out of the Manual for Spewing Anti Union Vitrolic for a minute and read up on the dispute, you would have found that the government had in fact negotiated in bad faith.

Oh, here's where you come along and say, its not the government, its the health authourities. Same bloody thing. Who controls the Health authorities? Who appoints their friends and families to the boards of the health authorities, in what were previously unpaid voluntary positions???

Maybe you should walk a mile in someone else's shoes before throwing out your verbal diarreah about how all unions are bad, and that anyone who is a union person, belongs to a union, or has the gonads to stand up to the type of cow manure spread by people like you is somehow of a lesser standing in society, and who's voice shouldn't be heard, you might learn something.

Let's see. Someone comes along, and takes your freely collectively bargained contract away, replaces it with some draconian labour language that destroys over 50 years of labour practices and standards, negotiated by such lefties as VanderZalm and Bennett Jr and Sr, and basically says "we're going to legislate you out of existance." and you wouldn't stand up and do everything under the sun to fight for your livelihood??? Legal and if necessary illegal. And by the way, what made the strike illegal? Who declared it illegal? The same group that ILLEGALLY ripped up collective agreements (otherwise known as contracts), thereby undermining not only the entire labour relations process, but also the entire legal process through contract law.

Because it can be stated that if the government doesn't have to honour contracts, why should anyone else? Take your head out of Campbell's butt for awhile Larsen and look at the broader picture, not just inside your little hovel. And why are you so bitter against unions by the way? Whats your motivation for being so anti union? And it must be hard to live your life so anti union, when grocery stores are unionized, the people who pick up your garbage (and in my case sit and read it) are unionized, alot of the engines of the economy (longshore, transport, warehouse etc) are unionized, you must not like BC too much for it.

So here's an idea. Go and catch a Greyhound (unfortunately for you, they're a unionized company) back to Alberta, and live in hog's heaven there. Oh by the way, you've been pretty good at putting your name to all your posts, but when criticizing people who work in hospitals the way you have been lately, who's going to take care of you when you get ill or need hospital care there Kevin? And by the way, in case you didn't hear, the dispute between IWA and HEU over signing rat agreements, was found in HEU's favour, so all those collective agreements negotiated by IWA in the health care sector are null and void, and its wide open for organizing, and from what I've heard HEU is picking up alot of the work that was contracted out from under them.

in simple terms, the HEU [ mainly, non tech workers such as dishwashers and laundry,along with the help of the NDP] priced themselves right out of the market.
eg:up to a maxium of 9 weeks vacation,and up to18 paid sick days per year,,
unheard of from were i,m at.

Actually nic, a big part of the problem is that HEU is more than just dishwashers and laundry, is also LPN's and many tech's. Unfortunately the HEU leadership has a mandate that all are "equally" as important under the health care system.

So in other words, the grade 10 educated dishwasher is as skilled and valuable as the college educated LPN, pr so says the HEU leadership.

The reality is, the LPN's and techs' are getting the shaft and as most of them have now realized, they are in the wrong union. Look at the first contract they voted down - and look at how the binding arbitration was refused without a vote.

And people seriously wonder why I have zero respect for the HEU? The LPN's have become the biggest bargain in the health care system. Why? So the cooks and cleaners can be “equally as important” and be overpaid thanks to the educational investment and hard work of other more skilled workers. But hey, this is a Union that does not value skills…everyone is equal remember.

Would real professionals go on strike and cause 4300 surgeries to be cancelled? There is a reason why doctors and RN's have respect and have not staged illegal strikes (and oddly both gotten more money since the Lib’s were elected) - they are working WITH the system. I think most LPN's and tech’s are willing to work together as well. Problem is we have all those “equally important” Grade 10 educated cooks, cleaners, etc, etc that know they will never get as well a paying job on the planet ever again that have nothing to loose by illegal strikes and drag the LPN's and techs down with them. Solidarity my ass. Greed is the issue here. Does this answer your question kegler on why I dislike the HEU?

i personally do not have a grudge with unions,since, been on both sides of the table in my working life.
i would vote for a much more moderate gov,t in may, but if one only exsisted.
so i,m off to see the wizzard the won,,;;;

cheers nic

Kevin, cooks and cleaners with a grade 10 education? To work in the health care sector, you need to be trained. It's the old argument that Campbell used to attack the HEU in the first place, if hotel people can do it for minimum wage, why can't hospital people.

First of all, hotel people don't have to go around, cleaning up beds, linens and rooms after someone has soiled themselves, wetted themselves, thrown up all over themselves, or clean up operating theatres, trauma centres, and emergency room, after surgery or treatment. (that is unless you happen to have been one of Howard Hughes care people in Vegas.) These people deal with bio-hazardous materials and are responsible for the sterility of the hospital environment. Without sterility, you get infectious breakouts and the like.

Also, hospital cleaners don't get a share of tips that hotel cleaners do. And by the way, with the hotel sector being fairly unionized, those cleaners and cooks aren't working for minimum wage either. As for sitting there and tsk tsk'ing about what cooks and cleaners get paid vs techs and trades (LPNs, RCA's etc), every member in HEU was attacked by this government, every member was handed a wage reduction, layoffs, terminations and contracting out of their jobs. You don't think for a minute that if it were cheaper that the hospitals wouldn't contract out their trades work in this environment? And you don't think that the LPN's and the trades people don't recognize that fact?

I work in a company where's there competing interests, much like the trades LPN's vs your percieved under educated cooks and cleaners. In my company there's company employees and dependant contractors. For the most part, we realize that we're all in the same boat, but there are those who try to play the "us vs them" mentality. At the end of the day, you can sit there and say that because you're a taxpayer, you can sit in judgement of what the public sector employees make for a living.

But, what happens when people start sitting in judgement of what kind of lifestyle you're leading. What happens when someone comes along and after saying they won't rip up your contract, turn around and do so, and force you to sell your home, because you can no longer afford the mortgage payments on that 2 bdrm condo with your husband/wife and child? With BC being the most expensive place to live in Canada, where did it make sense to viciously attack people, rather than sit down with them from Day 1, and do the following.

The NDP in its dying days signed the HEU agreement, and granted, there was a lot to be desired in it. Rather than cutting taxes rather than looking at the books first, Campbell should have looked at the books. Very easily, he could have approached HEU, and said, "hey look, alot of this stuff is too rich for where we are right now. Let's sit down and discuss things, and maybe come to some sort of arrangement or understanding, whereby we don't have to resort to look at alternate ways of controlling health care costs."

The public would have perceived this as a government attempting to rectify a situation with dialogue and negotiation, and believe it or not (coming from me) I think had the union rejected this outright, Campbell would have smelled like a rose, he would have been able to say to the people of BC,

"I attempted to renegotiate a contract that we believe was not fair to the people of BC, and these people refused to do so. With regret, I must take actions to control health care spending."

And also exert public pressure on the union to come to the table. Instead what did he do? He went backwards on his public promise made at the HEU convention to not tear up existing collective agreements, and well the rest is history. He let ideology get in the way of good governance. And since 2001, that's been his government's biggest weakness. Ideology dictates to Campbell, "don't make the mistake you made in 96, by telling people the truth. Tell them what they want to hear, then when elected, do what you really want to do." And he's followed that strategy to a T.

The intent for the Fiberals is actually very simple. Diminish services till you have an excuse to privatise them.Case in point is the MSP and payroll services.The anti labour hatred of people like Kevin is loved by the neoliberals as it assist them to push forward their agendas.
The noxious lies about union entitlements on holidays and wage scales goes unquestion. And by the way Kevin, the people getting the shaft are all working people, not just LPN's. Your self serving concern for their choice in unions is a little much. Greedy oinkers are lining up to scoop all these privatised services where the profits will come at the expense of working people and the tax payer. This will include schools, universities as well as other services. the private sector does not always do it better friends, especially when it comes to government. But it is very advantageous to do business with the government you have bought as it helps to funnel money into your trough. And you Joe tax payer will be paying the cost to enrich the rich corporations and the automons and robots they enlist. You are hired indeed for your $8.00 dollars an hour job thanks to the regressive Fiberal policies. And if you are a union member you can appreciate your starting wage of $13 dollars an hour as a youth worker or alcohol and drug counsellor thanks to those friendly business policies of the Fiberals the B.C. Business council loves so much. Well, you will certainly produce a beautiful B.C. for Kevin to enjoy from his gated community.

hindsight is 20 20 kegler,, to little to late,,
the bottom line is public sector employees have been insulated from the workplace changes due to global challenges.
there is no more free ride.
witch brings us back to the old question..
what came first[chicken]the company that supply,s the payroll etc the [worker] who produces the PROFIT.
it,s a tough question, or should i say

cheers, nic.

Campbell is following the instructions of Klein`s ex adviser Rodlove. Destroy the public sector unions. Period.

Just who do you think creates those jobs?Anti-liberal unionists will break this province down and will cause a decline in our economy. Why do you think so many people are self employed and the BC economy is doing so well? It does not have a lot to do with the NDP.They want everyone to be the same and are against corporate profit. Who the hell creates the jobs around here? I for one would not want a bankrupt corporation trying to pay my wages. THIS is what will happen with the NDP. Everyone gets fat wages and hides behind their useless union. BROTHER THIS and SISTER THAT, I have had enough of this HEU trying to take us all down the garden path. The HEU is connected to CUPE and Health issues have nothing to do with CUPE. WHY are they all joined together,
Ignorance, I say. HEU is trying to be one stop shopping and those days are gone. Haven't you heard about specialty shops?

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