Blocking a block vote?

Public Eye has obtained a copy of a letter notifying Delta North provincial New Democrats that their nomination meeting (scheduled for tonight) will still be held - despite party executive orders to cancel the event. The letter, which appears to have been written by constituency association president Ernie Fulton, accuses the executive of "violating the constitution in rescinding our nomination" and giving nomination candidate Sukhinder Sandhu "special treatment." Some Delta North New Democrats have also been told the constituency association is concerned that, if the meeting is delayed, it will give Mr. Sandhu the time he needs to make sure the insta-members he's signed up are eligibile to vote during the nomination process. The following is a copy of the letter.

The nomination meeting is not cancelled

To: Members of Delta North NDP
From: Ernie Fulton, president, Delta North NDP constituency association

At our regular constituency meeting on 2nd October 2004, the members discussed at length the decision of the provincial executive to rescind approval of our nomination meeting. The unanimous decision of the members present was that we would go ahead and have our meeting on the 17th as planned. The decision to defy the provincial executive was not taken lightly and was arrived at only after there had been an in-depth analysis of the problem. Article 9.07 of our BC NDP constitution states: "not withstanding the provisions of Article 16. Complaints arising from the conduct of nomination conventions for public office shall first be referred to the constituency executive concerned."

This was not done and it is our contention that the ruling by the provincial executive is invalid. They ruled on an issue they do not have authority to rule on until the constituency executive had heard the complaint and made a decision.

If the candidate had presented the complaint to the constituency executive, as he should have, five of the six complaints would have been resolved. The remaining one, he "was never invited or informed of any meetings" would need only few a facts to resolve. We had only two meetings. He was invited to and attend the first one. At that meeting, we told him when we would have the next one and invited him to it.

The provincial executive violated the constitution in rescinding our nomination meeting and in not requiring this candidate to follow the proper procedure for: filing his declaration to run, his seven day notice of meetings request, or the complaint process in Article 9.07. The provincial executive is giving him special treatment. Regardless of what the provincial office tells you, our nomination meeting is still on the 17th November 2004 at Lower Sunbury Park Hall, 10409 Dunlop, North Delta, 7:00 pm.


I would have liked to have gone to that, heh.

Funny, the NDP didn't object when Jagrip Brar cruised to a big win on the strength of an overwhelming showing amongst Indo-Canadian voters in Surrey.

Seems to me that a lot of folks in the Indo-Canadian community are tired of working their butts off and organizing to nominate and elect non-Indo-Canadian candidates. If the local riding association is trying to run a closed shop and nominate the candidate of their choice, the central party is probably doing the right thing to step in.

However, Mr. Sandhu's new members better be legit, because he is about to find out what it feels like to have the media spotlight on him.

The entire issue of mass sign ups for nominations doesn't sit right with me. Most of these are "one hit wonders" people who are there for the nomination, but no where to be seen when it comes time to do work on the campaign.

And it leads to situations like a guy like Tony "Bawl his eyes out" Kuo, who ran for the Federal Liberal Nomination in Burnaby Douglas, only to be "Democratically Deficited" by Bill Cunningham and Paul Martin, now running for the NDP nomination. The only reason, should he be successful, that he would win, is because of the mass signups prior to the 90 day window.

Yet I don't picture Mr. Kuo as NDP, or a credible candidate for the party. And its not just the NDP that's vulnerable to this, its all political parties. I think that the nomination process in all political parties should require voting members to have been members for the previous 12 months. That shows a willingness and belief in the party's beliefs and ideas, rather than an attempted grab at power as Mr. Kuo I believe is attempting to do.

In all fairness to Jagrup Brar, he did not win on the basis of stacking the nomination meeting or with appealing to his ethnic community to get him elected. He was a very visible face in Surrey + Delta federal campaigns and fundraisers. He provided not only support but brought many people to other candidates fundraisers. He has also been very active in his community of Surrey. He worked for his volunteer support and votes and deserved both.
What a contrast from the candidate wanna be in Delta North. This arrogant (bleep) attempted to run in Surrey-Newton and was told that Harry Bains had been working hard for the nomination. So he went to Surrey-Panarama Ridge and had the nerve to want to run there (Jagrup had already won the by-election....duh) Then he went to Green Timbers where, rumour has it, bank rolled the nomination run of Theresa Coutier (after considering running there first) Sue Hammell stomped on Theresa's bid. But T.C. did suggest Sukh Sandhu make a run for Delta North. And with her as his Official Agent assisted Sukh in refusing to answer any questions (where he lives, a phone number, who he was,what he'd do, what he'd ever done, what his vision of North Delta was, discuss issues. He doesn't have to, I guess. He never did transfer into the Constituency. Makes it pretty hard to notify him of meetings, but what the hay. Jeff Fox and Gerry Scott didn't seem to think they were obliged to give any info out. Just that he was an accepted candidate, approved by them. Oh, wait a minute, they didn't even want to tell us that he was approved by them, either when or why. Guess those are the perks when a person doesn't even have to go to the Constituancy Association, at all. (Friends and insiders or something more mysterious?)

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