Rebellion among the revolutionaries

The provincial New Democrats will not be accepting the results of tonight's Delta North constituency association's nomination meeting. In an interview, Gerry Scott also explained the party executive had earlier approved Delta North's nomination date with the understanding that the association grow their membership and ensure a fair election process. But, when a complaint about that process was filed by candidate Sukhinder Sandhu, the executive cancelled that meeting.

Mr. Scott also said the association seemed reluctant to accept provincial policy that would expand their membership. But he declined to comment on constituency association president Ernie Fulton's specific concerns with Mr. Sandhu's membership sign-ups. He also declined to say whether he thought the Delta North New Democrat leadership was trying to make sure Mr. Sandhu's competitor, local councillor Guy Gentner, wins the nomination.


The NDP went nuts during the last election when the federal Liberals rigged the nomination process. Now it looks like they are using heavy handed tactics against their own riding associations. Black pot meet black kettle.

All parties need to clean-up the nomination process so that it is fair for the candidates and in the best interest of the riding constituents.

No one is well served by what is happening in the NDP North Delta Riding nomination process, other than perhaps the Liberal candidate. Sooner or later someone is going to have to have the 'guts' to fix this.

An even greater mess is the process for dealing with non-registered voters on election day but that is another subject.
Andy Block

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