The new face of the New Democrats

Another addition to our growing list of provincial New Democrat nomination candidates: former Quesnel school district trustee and chair Leann Dawson has sent out a news release announcing she is running in Prince George-Omineca. Ms. Dawson is a Canadian Union of Public Employees national represenative and staff advisor on the organization's political action committee. She is also an executive member of the riding's constituency association and the Prince George and District Labour Council.


What do you have against BC's working poor being represented by a member of the working poor?

I read your comment - read the article again - and again...where did you remotely find Sean's opinion in that piece? Really...where?

L: It was the ironic title, "The new face of the New Democrats."

My question is.. is where's the Fiberal nominees for ridings abandoned by the ship jumpers off the titanic? And it'll be interesting to see the spin thrown at those people, to see if its as intense and slanted as its been towards the NDP nominees. Why not start referring to Claude Richmond, Stan Hagen and John VanDongen as the tired old retreads of the 80s socreds? In the same manner that any member of any union or labour organization who stands for nomination for the NDP seems to be tarred with the title "same old NDP" be it executive or rank and file members.

What kind of message are you trying to convey Sean? That somehow because you're a member of a union or involved in union politics that somehow you shouldn't seek office, as business people, heads of chambers of commerce, and CEOs and Chairpersons of Boards of Directors do? How come you don't spend some time and talk about all these feel good ads the Fiberals are blowing our tax money on? I especially like the "You're Hired" infomercial from the BC Business Council. Though I think Jimmy Pattison was misquoted in the ad, as he's more known for saying You're FIRED than Hired.

I hope that you're fair, balanced journalistic integrity takes over when you offer as critical look at the BC Liberals, and Greens nominees and candidates, their backgrounds and "special interests" as you have slamming union people for seeking nominations.

Who was Doug Walls? And how did John VanDongen escape criminal charges by tipping off Stolt Fish Farms of an impending snap inspection? Let's start talking about the current government's record here... warts and all. Let's see some balanced commentary.

Nice Sermon Reverend Kegler,

You almost sound like another one of those mass conspiracy lefties who have issues with the media pointing out the relationship between big Unions and the NDP.

Did you read that idiot Lali's comment today "I'll put our record up against theirs any time” Clearly he is proud of almost destroying our Province during the decade of damage. And indeed he is correct, no government in the history of our Province did a worse job than he and his former NDP cohorts.

It is not the media's fault that the NDP cannot muster up anything better than Mr.Lali or a heavy slate of big Union brethren. Mr.Holman is merely calling a spade a spade. Deal with it.

My, my all this finger pointing! Yes, so we have rotten apples in both of the barrels. So what?

Like a bad apple you surface with your knee jerk union bashing.Maybe it is time to tell us your story Kevin about the big bad unions. This obsession is bordering on the pathological.Maybe we can help you with this as it seems to take up alot of space in that brain of yours. And by the way I thought you self righteously stated that you did not stoop to the name calling level, you know, a while back Kevin when some one was calling the Fiberals Nazis.

Actually, Mr. Larsen is somewhat mixed up. It is the Liberal Conservatives between the years 2001-2004/5 that destroyed BC.

Is it Kevin Larsen or Falcon,same rhetoric.Larsen sounds scared when it comes to put up the record because liberals dont have a record.The one they have is certainly not good.By the way what did Lalli do wrong that he stood up against corporate media B C T V that what right they had to go in to Glen Clarks bed room before even Police went there.Did they do that to Gordo in Hawai.More why Gordon Hogg,Stan Hagen,GordonCambell,Vandongen list is long,are running after all those scandels,cnnvictions and controversies.Lalli didnt do anything wrong. Bally.

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