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Former provincial New Democrat North Island MLA Glen Robertson has announced he won't be seeking a nomination in that riding. But, according to former journalist Claire Trevena, she will. In an email, Ms. Trevena, who has worked as an assignment editor and programme editor for the BBC World Service, a Canadian correspondent for several United Kingdom newspapers and a senior editor with CBC Newsworld International, informed us her "candidacy was approved by the provincial executive in September." She is currently a partner with Start Communicating Strategies Inc., a Quadra Island-based strategic communications company. Ms. Trevana, whose name has been added to Public Eye's nomination list, provided us with the following copy of her resume. As always, if know of any other candidates we should be aware of, please comment below.

Claire Trevena

2004: Partner, Start Communicating Strategies
Start Communicating is a strategic communications company dedicated to increasing the outreach of businesses, organisations and communities.

2003: Public Information Specialist, OSC
In charge of increasing public awareness and understanding of good corporate governance and good business practices in Macedonia.

2001: Head of Press and Public Information/Spokesperson
Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Mission in Kosovo Head of media relations and the Mission spokesperson. I wrote the strategic communications plan for the organisation and led three public information campaigns, including a voter public education campaign for Kosovo's first Assembly elections.

2000: Public Information Officer/Deputy Spokesperson, UN Mission in Kosovo Responsible for increasing awareness of local government structures and services. I represented the UN at weekly news conferences.

1999: Public Information Officer/Deputy Spokesperson
Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Mission in Kosovo
Worked on media liaison for the Mission and developed public relations plans. I also wrote speeches and articles for in-house and international publications.

1997-99: Managing Partner, PH Factor Communicators, Toronto
Developed and implemented a number of strategic communications projects domestically and internationally.

1996-99: Senior Editor, CBC Newsworld International, Toronto
Responsible for a rolling half hour international news and current affairs programme,

1993-97: Correspondent, BBC, The Guardian, The Observer, The Scotsman, Toronto
Covered Canadian politics, social issues and human interest stories for the British media.

1991-93: Editor, BBC World Service, London
Assignment editor and programme editor for the BBC World Service.


2003: Government of Canada Civilian Peacekeeping Medal

Union Activity

1980-84: National Union of Students
1984-93: National Union of Journalists (various regional and national elected offices)
1996-99: Canadian Wire Services Guild

Volunteer Work

1978-1990: Oxfam Campaigns
1980-1999: Political Campaigns: various (inc. anti nuclear, anti apartheid, NDP election canvassing)
2002: Worked with others to establish Community Kitchen on Quadra Island
2002-2004: Work with Quadra Trails Committee (hiking and conservation group)
2004: Work at Quadra Food Bank


Mohammed Chelali wants to run in the next election in Surrey-White Rock.
Chelali is the person who saved French President Jacques Chirac from a would-be assasin on Bastille Day 2002.

Who would'a thunk it.

Looks like the would be candidate from Quadra Isle actually has more foreign affairs experience than the entire US NSC.

And she works to help people and the environment without having to hide any ties to labour organizations because, you know, those union folk hate both people and the environment.

Good luck to her.

Allison McDonald, Vancouver-Burrard candidate has a website at:

Just wondering.

Since Carole James is officially not nominated. Has a party leader ever faced a nomination challenge anywhere in Canada?

maybe you should talk to someone who gives a shit.
i,m not calling it lip synching just yet, but who is in control of the NDP?
a must read[google michael coren,, nov 6 & 13 collums] refreshingly blunt.

i think your on to something adam,, keep stirring the pot,,

Uhhh, interesting nic, that Coren stuff.

Question is, do you really believe that Mr. Bush and his handlers actually wish to further the dreams and ideals of the common folk as described by Mr. Coren?

Or that they did not muddy the waters by 'stunting-up' their own media darlings as well? Perhaps you've forgotten the grandstanding and 'girlie man' and 'my muscles are bigger than their muscles' talk of Arnold S on tour with Mr. Bush on the last weekend before the election?

Or that Howard Stern makes up for all the Hannity's Limbaugh's, O'Reilly's, Coulter's, Malkins, Humes or even Imuses?

Or that there is not reason to fear the rise of the religious right's 'mullahs' if you read the open letter from Bob Jones to Mr. Bush (google that if you wish)?

Because if you do, it would suggest that you have decided to take the rhetorical assymetries of folks like Mr. Coren as your talking points and have thus joined the ranks of those who believe that reality is now irrelevant as they can now make up their own reality whenever they so choose (feel free to google Ron Susskind on that one).

nice try jack,
but the results speak for themselves, mainstream
america voiced there wishes, get with the program now,,on the double eh,,.

eg... eminen is not capable of carrying out a conversation with his own mother, yet able to tell the youth of america how to vote.

i can,t see the NDP forming gov,t until global warming takes place.

next, soacialist contradictions,,.


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