Smoothie tycoon goes down easy

Professional juice squeezer Gregor Robertson, the co-founder and chair of Happy Planet Foods Inc., has won the provincial New Democrat nomination in Vancouver-Fairview, defeating former Canadian Union of Public Employees national president and Red Guard favourite Judy Darcy. For those interested in such things, Mr. Robertson won on the second ballot, with 258 votes to Ms. Darcy's 182. On the first ballot, Mr. Robertson received 226 votes, Ms. Darcy got 198 and out-of-nowhere candidate Ros Kellet was eliminated with 69. Mr. Robertson, who has become something of a champion for the moderate, latte-sipping wing of the New Democrats, will now run against Finance Minister Gary Collins in the next election. Party Internet activist Alex Ng sent out the following summary of the event on Sunrise, a listserv frequented by New Democrats. Mr. Robertson's victory is also being discussed on Babble, a message board with a similar population.

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Vancouver-Fairview Provincial NDP Nomination Meeting
Eric Hamber Secondary School, Vancouver, November 7, 2004

Chair: Patrice Pratt

Candidates (in order of speeches):

Gregor Robertson, CEO of Happy Planet Foods
Doug McArthur, former Saskatchewan cabinet minister
Vanessa Violini, 2001 Green candidate in Vancouver-Fairview
Gordon Fitt, riding activist Margaret Birrell, 1996 NDP candidate in Vancouver-Little Mountain

Judy Darcy, former national president of CUPE
Karen Etheridge, former Green Party secretary
Darlene Marzari, former MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey

Ros Kellett, teacher and riding activist
Anita Romaniuk, Vancouver Park Board Chair

1st ballot:
Eligible: 510
Votes cast: 494
Spoiled: 1
Valid: 493
Gregor Robertson: 226
Judy Darcy: 198
Ros Kellett: 69 (eliminated)

Ros Kellett freed her supporters to vote for the candidate of their choice.

2nd ballot:
Eligible: 517
Cast: 441
Spoiled: 1
Valid: 440
Gregor Robertson: 258 (nominated)
Judy Darcy: 182

I was sitting in the observers' area next to a lapsed Green Party member who remarked that "in the 2001 election, the entire Green campaign in Fairview was Vanessa Violini, Karen Etheridge and myself. And now we're all here!"

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