Strike a pose, there's nothing to it

Reports from Public Eye's provincial Liberal convention spies confirm Solicitor General Rich Coleman wasn't the only caucus member who made a fashion statement in Whistler. As was already pointed out by one reader, a number of delegates had buttons from Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection Bill Barisoff, which featured a flashing red lights. Others put on black cowboy hats with a white sash bearing Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon's last name. And red buttons identifying the wearer as having come from Hagen Country - a reference to Children and Family Development Minister Stan Hagen - were also spotted.

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So Stan Hagen thinks that he would like to become Premier? Well, perhaps its true. Given his respect for Stan, perhaps even the Premier privately has given Stan encouragment as in "...who can I now give this lousy portfolio too?" Only trouble is we never had an Elmer Fud as Premier yet! Ooops - sorry I forgot about Mike Harcourt.

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