Making a fashion statement

If this doesn't make Premier Gordon Campbell paranoid, we're not sure what will. According to our spies at the provincial Liberal convention in Whistler, a number of delegates are wearing blue and red scarves emblazoned with the words Coleman Country. Earlier, Georgia Straight columnist Bill Tieleman reported rumours Solicitor General Rich Coleman has been putting together a "'just in case' leadership team for the possibility that Campbell resigns before the May 17, 2005, election."


It's interesting to note that only pro-NDP comments have been posted on this site during the Whistler convention. I guess the pro-Liberal political staffers who normally flood this site instead of working are all at convention.

The liars convention?

Finally - a family values leadership candidate to replace the wayward Premier! Social conservatives have triumphed in America, now for British Columbia!

I wonder what it would be like to have a labour hating ex R.C.M.P. officer as premier. As a resident of B.C. for 73 years I have been thinking about moving. Coleman as premier would be the final motivation.

Where would one go? There`s neocon`s everywhere.

Someone is reading a bit too much into this. I recall seeing "Baristoff Country" buttons too, and Falcon bandanas. Everyone engages in shameless promotion at convention, not just leader wannabes.

Rich Coleman could rally the churches - just like George Bush. But wouldn't he change the name of the party to the "republicans"?

If there is a leadership battle, and if Coleman does win, and if he does change the Party name, then would that leave the title "Liberal Party" available to those who really are?

Liberals, that is...

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