The yes crowd

The incubatory electoral change yes committee had its first meeting via conference call last night. According to insiders, participants included James Hoggan and Associates Inc. account and business development director Erin Airton, Canadian Taxpayers Federation British Columbia executive director Sara MacIntyre, Langara College political science department chair Stephen Phillips, Conservative organizer Russell Morrison and Green activists Stephen Birch and David Schuab. Provincial Liberal and federal Conservative Vancouver Island riding association president Bruce Hallsor was also on the line. And so was fellow Fair Vote Canada executive member Julian West, an ex-Green candidate who is looking to run as a provincial New Democrat in the next election.

Other Fair Vote participants included New Democrat electoral change committee co-chair Karen Etheridge, Stephen Broscoe, Trent Payton and Wayne Taylor. Bernard Schulmann, a public policy consultant and independent political analyst, will be the yes committee's outreach coordinator. University of Victoria British provincial politics go-to-man Norman Ruff attended the meeting as an advisor/observer.

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Good thing they're waiting for the actual report to assess whether the proposed change is good for BC.

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