We're all gonna get laid - or at least some of us are!

They are the few. They are the proud. They are the public affairs bureau staffers who have been promoted from management level eight to nine. Those promotions could mean pay increases of up to $8,892.54 - with salaries rising from $92,970.26 to $101,862.80 annually (assuming 100 percent compensation). Public affairs staffers lucky enough to get an extra pip on their paycheque include community, aboriginal and women's services communications director Marisa Adair and the bureau's casualty replacement officer Denise Champion.

Health services and planning communications executive director Carol Carman, who was a super-eight receiving 110 percent compensation, is also boosted to a nine. And media monitoring pit boss Rishi Sharma goes from a four to a five. Ms. Champion's predecessor Theresa Lumsdon had earlier managed to negotiate her to management level upwards from eight to nine (a compensation prize for agreeing to head up the career-eating communications shop at children and family development).

Insiders say other raises may be on the way but not before the election. These promotions will likely result in some hissing and pissing at the Rockpile. Ministerial assistants, who have been stuck at management level four since the Liberals took office, have long complained communications directors make more than $20,000 than they do.


This could be bad news for PublicEyeOnline.

With the lofty pay increases, communications directors may no longer have to supplement their incomes with tips!

You may have to start developing the MA's as a new source of leads :-)

Classification "creep" has a long tradition in this provincial government. It is the favored way to get around the minimal salary increases doled out by the government of the day - including the previous NDP Government.

So why highlight public bureau staff classification changes? Why pick on them?

The real problem is the antiquated (1960's) classification system and the pathetically run B.C. Government Public Service Agency.

This is what needs fixing!

As a civil servant who has worked in another provincial government, upon coming here I was astounded to find out that I needed to and was encouraged to hire expensive outside consultants (on taxpayers money I might add) to deal with the dysfunctional personnel management system that pervades this Government as well as the previous one. As one of my former staff members noted - it should not be called Human Resources but rather Inhuman Resources!

So please let's have no more amateur "pep rallies" with the Premier and his senior civil servants at the Empress Hotel (again I might add on taxpayers money)- let's fix the problem by creating a twenty first century personnel management system.

Unfortunately, such a "radical" change from the "norm" would first require changes to the most senior civil servant management staff - which the Premier seems unable or unwilling to do.

I wonder why?

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