Keeping our fingers crossed

Tomorrow, the Jack Webster Foundation will be handing out the top journalism awards in British Columbia at the Westin Bayshore Resort and Marina. Public Eye and a team of Times Colonist staffers, including Lindsay Kines, Les Leyne, Judith Lavoie, Jody Paterson and Jeff Rud, are finalists in the best news reporting of the year category for our coverage of the Doug Walls affair. Public Eye's attendance at the Webster awards means we won't be posting stories until Friday.

Following a five month investigation, Public Eye revealed Mr. Walls, a Liberal insider, had been put in charge of a multi-million dollar government agency - even though senior staff were aware serious allegations of fraud had been made against the former Prince George car dealer. The investigation also revealed government wrote off a $484,939 bill owed by a consulting group run by Mr. Walls, Premier Gordon Campbell's cousin-in-law. It resulted in the resignation of Children and Family Development Minister Gordon Hogg and the firing of his deputy Chris Haynes. Mr. Walls also resigned.


Hey Editor.....

Good Luck for a job well done on that one!

Hope that TC table doesn't have too much in commom with Ted, Mary, Lou and Murray from old WJM.

Well, good luck, hopefully Jody doesn't do well as she doesn't deserve it.

Best of Luck Sean

We need strong investigative journalists in BC - too many of them are forced to sell their souls to the government devil in order to survive.

Have fun - and try not to pull a Gordon Campbell and end up on the front page of the T-C, after celebrating your Webster with a few glasses of bubbly.

Good Luck Public Eye.

Like Mr. Webster himself said about the FLQ --

Is it thirty men? is it three hundred men?

...we'll never know.

Good luck, Sean

Congratulations Sean, on a well-deserved win last night at the Webster Awards! Your dogged digging to uncover this outrageous story was important to stopping financial malfeasance at the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Bill Tieleman
Political columnist
The Georgia Straight

Yes congrats! Maybe you can be encouraged to turn your attention next to Bill Tielman.

Congratulations! Keep a great thing going. (This site, not the government!)

Well deserved

Congratulations Sean and Team for winning the Jack Webster on the "Doug Walls Story" last night.

Congratulations from the USA.

Keep up the good reporting in BC Politics.

Christie Jung PhD
Political Consultant
Kerry/Edwards 2004

Congrats Sean.

Glad to see you have been recognized for the great investigative work you did in breaking the Doug Walls story.

Keep up the good work!

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