Are sour grapes green?

Earlier today, Green leader Adriane Carr came out with a news release condemning the citizens' assembly for supporting a single transferable vote electoral system. According to that release, Ms. Carr will now "fight on for a fair, true proportional representation voting system where as many peoples' votes count as possible and election outcomes represent the will of the voters in terms of parties receiving a share of seats in the legislature equal to their share of vote." But Ms. Carr hasn't always been an enemy of the assembly. The following collection of quotes show her sudden change of heart.

"I'm pleased with the details of the process outlined in the backgrounders to Premier Campbell's press release announcing the formation of a Citizens Assembly on Electoral Reform yesterday. This is a good start for getting democracy re-established in BC." - Green Party news release, April 29, 2003

"I sent out a press release giving (Premier Gordon Campbell) two thumbs up. This is the most exciting thing to come along in B.C. in a very long time. I don't think his caucus is anywhere near as committed as he is, but he's making it a go." - Vancouver Sun, May 10, 2003

"It's the only thing I give the Liberals two thumbs up for." - The Daily Townsman (Cranbrook), November 27, 2003

"I had such high hopes and I'm so disappointed. I think the Assembly went off-track when it was told that it didn't have to listen to the public input it received. Eighty percent of the over 2,000 submissions during the May to August public input phase of the Assembly recommended a Proportional Representation system, with most of them specifically asking for Mixed Proportional Representation." - Green Party news release, October 24, 2004

Ms. Carr has been a strong supporter of the mixed member proportional representation system rejected by the citizens' assembly. Today is the first time she's publicly criticized the group. It is also interesting to note assembly member Allan McKinnon said in July it looked to him as if 400 of the 1,000 public submissions were the result of a "concerted effort" by the Greens to influence the citizens' assembly. Ms. Carr denied those allegations.

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Good points - Adriane gets along very well with people so long as they do what SHE wants - but if not, well, ask Stuart Parker! You know, the guy with the biodegradable ice pick in his head.

As for the Citizens Assembly, 100 monkeys locked in a room with 100 typewriters would have done a better job. But I guess Malta and Ireland can't be wrong!

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