Who didn't see this one coming?

The on-again, off-again marriage between the Unity Party of British Columbia and the Conservative Party of British Columbia has ended in a divorce. And one of the principle match-makers, Blake Mackenzie, has resigned from the Conservative executive in protest, accusing some fellow board members of having "deceit in their hearts to kill the deal."

When we last tuned into the right-wing Gong Show on September 28, the Conservative executive had approved a motion to merge with Unity. That merger agreement had been endorsed three days earlier by Unity members during their annual general meeting. A six-member joint council was then struck to negotiate the particulars.

But, last night, the Conservative executive passed a motion to put a stop to those negotiations. According to an insider, there was a growing impression that Unity wasn't interested in a merger. Instead, "What they wanted was to be the Unity Party with the Conservative Party name."

That motion prompted Mr. Mackenzie, Unity's former communications director, to resign from the Conservative executive. In an email sent to fellow executive members, Mr. Mackenzie described some of them as, "deceptive manipulators who are no different than federal Liberals when it comes to keeping power at all costs and sell out their souls to make it happen."

He then went onto to write that other executive members may have been "duped with backroom phone calls and misinformation over the subject." We can only speculate on what that subject might have been because Mr. Mackenzie did not elaborate further and has not yet responded to Public Eye's attempts to contact him. The following is an edited copy of his email, which was leaked to us.


-----Original Message-----
From: Blake MacKenzie
Sent: Friday, October 22, 2004 12:04 AM
Cc: 'Tim Bonner'; 'BC Unity Party / Greg Watrich'; Lance Wilson; 'Gerard Huff'; Wayne McGrath; Yvonne Dunlop; Amrita Moore; Andrew Jackson; Barbara Reid; Barry Chilton; Beverly Welsh; Bill Smith; Blake MacKenzie; Byng Giraud; Cliff Blair; Doris Dungey; Ernie Paterson; Frank Tofin; Grant Cepuran; Jason Cox; Kimberly Yee; Mario Vetro; Paul Holmes; Paul Scrimger; Ryan Warawa; Stephen Lawrence; 'Ryan Warawa 2'; 'Paul Scrimger 2'
Subject: Official Resignation

I hereby resign my position as director on the BC Conservative Party.

Since I believe it was never the intention of some of the members on this board to ratify any deal with the BC Unity Party, also I believe they negotiated with deceit in their hearts to kill the deal with BC Unity. I can no longer stand this kind of underhanded behaviour and I choose to stand with people of principle not with those who in my eyes are nothing more than deceptive manipulators who are no different than federal Liberals when it comes to keeping power at all costs and sell out their souls to make it happen.

My above comment does not apply to the following individuals because I believe you all had good intentions and may have been duped with backroom phone calls and misinformation over the subject:

Ernie Paterson
Jason Cox
Stephen Lawrence
Kimberly Yee
Art Robatzek
Yvonne Dunlop
Grant Cepuran
Paul Scrimger
Sandra Scrimger
Bev Welsh
Ryan Warawa
Amrita Moore
Mario Vetro

Good luck with going nowhere in the next election because this is exactly what the group who wish to wait until 2009 have been instructed to do and the other group who wish to maintain control over their little social garden club will once again go back to doing what they do best, do nothing.

Blake MacKenzie
Victoria BC


the taste for power in B.C. never seems to suprise me. what draws sensible, well meaning individuals into the cesspot of victoria,i don,t know?

question::: what has 50 feet and 4 teeth.

answer::: the front row of a unity, cons. conv...

i,m nic

I just came accross this in an unrelated search.
As one of the "UNNAMED", I am somewhat angered.

The Unity team has pretty much taken the riens of this well intentioned political party known as the Conservatinve Party of BC. Why is is that the originator the original leaked letter of resignation not on the executive team? Indeed - is he even a member of either party?

Just curious.

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