They welcome moderate candidates!

In yesterday's edition of the Oak Bay News, writer Thomas Winterhoff reported provincial New Democrat moderate leadership candidate Nils Jensen wouldn't be running for the party's nomination in Oak Bay-Gordon Head. Mr. Jensen cited family reasons for the decision saying, "I have things I've committed to in the community and I still have two boys at home." But those in the know say his decision might also have had something to do with party leader Carole James unwillingness to forcefully intervene in the nomination race.

Insiders had encouraged Ms. James to ask her friend Greater Victoria school trustee Charlie Beresford not to run against Mr. Jensen. After all, Ms. Beresford's long history in the party, and her control of the riding association executive, almost guaranteed her the nomination - even though Mr. Jensen, with his position and profile on Oak Bay council, is thought to be a more winnable election candidate.

No one seems sure whether a conversation between Ms. James and Ms. Beresford took place, although there are rumours words were exchanged. But in the end, Ms. Beresford - who ran in the last election and lost by 35 percentage points - ended up announcing she would be seeking the nomination. Earlier, Public Eye reported the party has been having trouble clearing a riding for Toronto Dominion Securities Inc. chief economist Paul Summerville to run in.


There goes another riding down the shitter. Charley will "em-Beres" us again.

Can this party PLEASE get some decent candidates?

Dagwood, did you say decent candidates and NDP in the same sentence (or at least iimply same)? That's the reason. The party is ill, with no direction, and full of negative nellies.

Another 4 years of the Libs, looking forward to it....!

Actually, after seeing what trash the Liberal Party contains, the NDP is looking pretty good. Looking forward to the end of the "NEW ERA". By the way, didn`t we get good value from the $600,00 or so for the best place to live ads? What utter BS.

It doesn't really matter, neither of them would beat Ida Chong.

You're right Peter, neither would have beaten Ida... but Charley is just WAY too easy a target in Oak Bay. Apparently the NDP's new strategy is "crash and burn".

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