From the frying pan?

Public affairs bureau human resource and provincial emergency communications director Theresa Lumsdon's pain and suffering has ended - maybe. In an email circulated to bureau staff (nice to see they're being kept in the loop), operations director Denise Champion announced she would be also be taking over Ms. Lumsdon's casualty replacement responsibilities. And Alex Dabrowski, who was most recently a public affairs officer at water, land and air portection, will be handling emegency communications (although Ms. Lumsdon will still have overall responsibility for that file). For her part, Ms. Lumsdon is being sent/exiled to children and family development as the ministry's top spin doctor - a position whose unofficial job description is similar to those of relief workers in Baghdad. The communications shop at kids has been without a permanent director since Deborah Bowman left for the attorney general's ministry. The following is a copy of the email.

-----Original Message-----
From: Champion, Denise PAB:EX
Sent: October 19, 2004 3:18 PM
To: PAB All Staff
Subject: Staffing Update

Good Afternoon,

A quick update to let you know about some changes taking place:

* Effective November 1, 2004, Theresa Lumsdon has accepted an OIC appointment as Communications Director assigned to the Children and Family Development Communications Office.

* As a result of Theresa's appointment, responsibilty for Human Resources has been transferred to Operations under my stewardship (now Operations & Human Resources).

* Effective immediately, Alex Dabrowski has accepted an OIC appointment as Manager, Provincial Emergency Communications.

* Effective immediately, Deb Pearce has agreed to take on additional responsibilities as Acting Communications Manager assigned to the Advanced Education Communications shop.

* Effective immediately, Laurie Cuisinato has been temporarily reassigned as the Senior Public Affairs Officer responsible for the corporate calendar.

* Effective immediately, for the duration of Laurie's temporary reassignment, Sarah Harrison has been temporarily reassigned to assist with Events Planning.

As well, please welcome to the Public Affairs Bureau:

* Calvin Jones, Graphic Designer
* Christina Pederson, Public Affairs Officer assigned to the Attorney General/Treaty Negotiations Communications Office
* Craig Chambers, Media Monitoring Officer (Victoria)
* Janet Rogers, Media Monitoring Officer (Victoria)
* Neera Amrit, Media Monitoring Officer (Vancouver)

Denise J. Champion

Director, Operations & Human Resources
Public Affairs Bureau
Phone: 250 953-4685 or Fax 250 387-0718

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