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Last night, BCTV legislative bureau chief Keith Baldrey reported a Surrey-Panorama Ridge by-election poll, commissioned by the British Columbia Federation of Labour, shows the provincial New Democrats at 44 percent, the Liberals at 41.5 percent and the Greens at 13.8 percent. If that poll, which was conducted by Strategic Communications Inc., is accurate it means the Liberals clearly have the momentum in this race. According to the October issue of BC Political Insider, internal Liberal numbers from September showed the party, "running 10 points behind the New Democrats."


Anyone who votes for the Green Party is stupid and wasting their vote. By voting for them, your helping the Nazi Liberals win the seat.

The Green Party is a complete joke. They will NEVER EVER win a seat. Their leader is a complete RETARD, who doesn't have a clue about anything. I wouldn't be surprised if the Liberals fund the Green Party.

Well, I would personally be elated to see the BC NDP form the next Provincial government but realistically I think official opposition is more likely at this point. Let’s not forget just three and a half short years ago it was a party that was tossed out in the last provincial election and left with only two MLA’s. Only to turn around and rise from the ashes to all of a sudden be considered to form the next provincial government? It would be short of a come back that only Hollywood could dream up or the Socreds to dream about.

This next provincial election is for the BC Liars to loose, not the NDP’s to form government.

Although, it will be an absolute stinging indictment of the BC Liars record together with a NDP come back of all time if the NDP were to form the next government.

As far as the greens go I do wonder at times who cheers them on more, the BC Liars, the corporate media or the miss-informed voter?

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