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Carole James' closest confidante and travelling companion Donna Cameron will be resigning as director of the provincial New Democrat leader's office next month. That announcement was made in an email circulated to riding association presidents late Friday. According to a party insider, Ms. Cameron, who managed Ms. James' leadership campaign, has decided she wants to get a life outside of airports and hotels. She'll be replaced on a permanent basis by New Democrat organizer Boyd Pyper. Mr. Pyper, who ran David Turner's unsuccessful federal election campaign in Victoria, was most recently responsible for keeping a lid on the Young New Democrat's revolutionary tendencies (among other files). He also seems burdened with a loud booing section (something Mr. Pyper shares with Ms. Cameron) - but, then again, who isn't in politics?


Boyd Piper as chief of staff! LOL! Obviously the BC NDP isn't serious about forming goverment. Any group that would put someone as inexperienced as Piper in charge has got serious issues.

Well at least Boyd is loyal to Carole. If she doesn't have control over what she says, at least she has control over hiring her immediate staff. Although she was very close to Donna and this change is a big surprise...

So let’s see here…When Karn announced that he would be leaving the game we call B.C. Provincial politics some of you insightful NDP’ers implied that his decision must be based on polling results. Well given Carole James gradual slip in the polls what say you about Donna Cameron’s departure?

I doubt that it is a part of any grand strategy on the part of Donna Cameron, Kevin, as strategy is entirely foreign to her. In any event, it's a real toss-up as to who is dumber: Donna Cameron or Boyd Piper. If gossip is to believed, at least Donna Cameron knows her limitations, where Boyd Piper's ego knows no bounds.

Boyd Piper at the helm = the NDP is fucked in the next election

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