Show business for ugly people

It wasn't a Hollywood premiere. But last night's $200 plate fundraiser for provincial Liberal Surrey-Panorama Ridge byelection candidate Mary Polak at the York Business Centre came complete with searchlight trucks. Banners, featuring the somewhat hokey slogan "Good for you!" decorated the centre, which was stuffed with more than 800 party supporters.

According to attendees, the evening (which was organized by the Surrey-Green Timbers riding association) went off without a hitch - except for a number of disturbingly off-colour statements made by master of ceremonies Gale Honey. One of her jokes referenced an MLA's bedroom habits. Another targetted Vancouver-Burrard backbencher Lorne Mayencourt. After praising his safe streets iniative, Ms. Honey quipped, "It says right here, on this note from Lorne, that that's what I should say." Good to know MLAs aren't the only ones being scripted these days. Ms. Honey's late husband Rick was a well-known Vancouver disk jockey.



Just what do you get that is "good for you" and yours as opposed to "their's" when you shell out 2C notes to listen to lame Lorne Mayencourt jokes?

Enquiring minds would like to know.

Some, most notably Rafe Mair, have speculated that the Libs wouldn't expend capital on the by-election -and we shouldnt expect to see so much as a high profile cabinet minister in Surrey during the writ.

In case anyone cares, last night's MLA attendees (some who were in the lower mainland last night for this purpose alone) included

Gordon Campbell, Ministers Shirly Bond, Colin Hanson, Rich Coleman, Joyce Murrey, Kevin Falcon, Pat Bell, Patrick Wong, Susan Brice, Brenda Locke and MLAs Ken Stewart, Harry Bloy, Lorne Mayencourt, Dave Hayer and Gordon Hogg. Using that metric, this is the Libs biggest event since the leader's dinner.

Rafe wrote about how he felt expendible as a lowly junior cabinet minister who was solely asked to put a word in for a Socred by-election candidate in the 70s. He predicted the same here. This is turning out to be a whole different game.

And just for Sean (its his favourite topic!), Patrick Kinsella was seated at the Alcan table.

I am sure Mr. Kinsella has never done anything to contravine the Lobbyist Registration Act.

Nor has Ken Dobell's daughter!

Sources with shoe phones have suggested that Mr. Kinsella was fully ensconced in a cone of silence for the entire dinner.

Other, less reliable sources, have indicated that you can see a glint of reflection off the cone in the secret prints that Malcom P. has promised to never publish. As for F. Lee, well, he wasn't invited; apparently the candidate had some concerns about his rumored 'lifestyle' choices.

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