All in the family

The Surrey-Panorama Ridge by-election isn't going to do much to improve the reputation of in-laws in this province. Provincial Liberal candidate Mary Polak's mother-in-law Elsie, a healthcare worker, is volunteering for New Democrat rival Jagrup Brar. And, according to party insiders, she hasn't been shy about letting fellow volunteers know about her familial relations. However, a Liberal campaigner says Ms. Polak's husband Paul is wholeheartedly supporting her candidacy.


I would be supporting my soon to be ex-wife until I secured my half of the house in the divorce too!

I am thinking that we need to contact the producers of Shameless

or bumfights (

Heck I would pay $20 to watch MLAs and prospects degrade and publicly humiliate themselves fighting for a coveted seat in the leg.

If they are going to do it anyways they might as well make a few bucks while they are at it.

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