Oil and vinegar?

Port Coquitlam-Burke Mountain Liberal MLA Karn Manhas will announce today (likely this afternoon) that he won't be running in the next election, Public Eye has learned. Mr. Manhas, who is a federal Liberal and was one of former cabinet minister Christy Clark's allies, has no family and no health problems Public Eye is aware of. Ms. Clark also recently said she wouldn't be running in the next election. Mr. Manhas's departure from politics will likely increase speculation there is a growing rift between the Grits and the federal Conservatives/former Socreds in the provincial Liberal caucus.


There a very few Conservatives in the Caucus so I doubt there's a problem there despite the people on Babble who call Christy Clark an extreme right winger.

People like Karn only became MLAs due to the massive sweep, he probably doesn't want to waste his time, knowing he is going to lose the seat.



Karn was doing some telephone polling in this riding only two weeks ago. Looks like he must've just got the results.

Karn Manhas is the most stunned, useless MLA with the possible exception of Harry Bloy. Do you really think that he's not runing because of some ideological rift in the party (especially when he is one term shy of a pension). He's not running because he knows that he will be toast in the next election and doesn't want to be humiliated.

Although Mr. Manhas has no family and no health problems, he does have a pet and they need loving too.

Dam that Karn - Damn you are an idiot. First off, you can't spell damn, which is pretty sad. Secondly, there is no pension for provincial MLAs any longer. They pay into and RRSP scheme like the rest of humanity. You must be fonfly remebering the days when the NDP were in power.

I personally have a lot of admiration for a guy who got elected in his mid-twenties. Its good to see young people in the legislature.

On closer inspection, John English, that's D-A-R-N, not D-A-M. It even rhymes. Cute, eh?

Methinks an eye exam is in order, assuming you can afford one now that it has been de-listed. Ah, remember those good old days of universal health care? I remember them 'fonfly'.


Hey John English. It must be hard to type with your head so far up your ass.

One thing for certain, Karn won't be 'remebered fonfly'.

I guess you're a product of Liberal under-'funfing' of 'skuuls'.

Yikes... feels like I'm in the Gallery at the Legislature.

Actually I am disappointed at this news, I met Karn Manhas and was impressed with him, I always felt he was never given the opportunity to shine as an MLA--I wish him all the best in his future plans!

My apologies, upon closer inspection you did write "darn" and not "dam". However, I still think you are an idiot.

Good comment rrolley. It's good to hear from someone who actually met Mr. Manhas.

By all accounts, being an MLA is an extremely demanding job. I see nothing wrong with someone putting in 4 years of public service and then moving on to other things. Unlike some former politicians from the previous government, perhaps Mr. Manhas is actually employable.

As I said above, I think its great that Karn had the wherewithall to run and get elected at such a young age. Its great to have that perspective in the Legislature and its someone I wish we would see more of from all parties.

It's only a demanding job if you bother to do it. And half these Liberal MLA's can't be bothered to do so. What I'm sitting here wondering is with no need to worry about getting elected once you've announced you're not running, what's the motivation in continuing to work for your constituents? Mind you the ones announcing they're not seeking re election haven't done much of anything for the province or the constituencies in the first place, unless silence and going along with the flock is considering representing your constituency.

On a side note, I see Gordo's great deal for BC Rail has resulted in CN cutting back the number of trains running out of Prince George from 3 to 1. Only a Fiberal would see a cutback of 2/3s of operational capacity as an improvement in service.


If MLAs were really employable outside of Fantasyland do you really think that they would be willing to put up with the abuse, lack of privacy, and perpetual prostitution of their principles for such a pitance of a paycheque?

The fact is that most MLAs were failures in their prior careers and saw Government service as the easy way out. I am sure that the private market for incompetence hasn't changed much since 2001.

Innocent Bystander- Grow up and read the biographies of these people. You really think that someone like Ralph Sultan, a former internationally respected Chief economist was a failure and is now unhirable? Or what about John Wilson, a successful Vetrinarian? Hey, maybe Brian Kerr, who built one of the first successful businesses in Whister, was he a faliure? Or, to come back to this thread's topic, take Karn Manhas? Age 24, with a degree in biochemistry from McGill, you really think becoming an MLA was the easiest career choice for him?

Are you NUTS??? Virtually every MLA could make significanlty more money in a more secure, private sector job. Until you grow up and start using your head, stay the heck away from these discussions.

"Are you NUTS??? Virtually every MLA could make significanlty more money in a more secure, private sector job. Until you grow up and start using your head, stay the heck away from these discussions."

So bring it back to the original question, why is he quiting?


I don't know Karn, however I would speculate that he has made the same discovery as Glen Clarke - There is way more money to be made with a significantly lesser amount of BS involved in the private sector.

For many Liberal MLA's the job has meant a decrease in pay from what they were earning previously, and for way more work with a ton of BS attached.

The scarry types are those that cannot get a better job in the private sector - Lali and Evans come to mind, who crawl back out of the woodwork looking to mess up our Province again.

It's interesting to see these MLAs who aren't running again, making their first public statements since being elected, just to announce that they're not seeking re election.

I wonder how some of these soon to be ex Liberal MLA's are going to explain the previous 4 years on their resumes. Maybe perhaps take a look at some perspective careers for some of them. One comes to mind immediately for me, as a former resident of the riding of Vancouver Kingsway.

Rob Nijjar: What's his biggest claim to fame? The hot button issue he's championed in 4 years in the house? School Uniforms, ironically a somewhat socialistic idea that all school children should wear school uniforms.

Alot of these neophyte Liberal MLA's climbed onboard Gordo's Maui Wowie Adventure Ride when they decided to run for the Fiberals, and are now finding out through polling within their ridings that they hitched up to a nag, and are as good as gone in the next election. Afterall, Gordo Campbell was the Mayor through the building of all those leaky condos in Vancouver, so why shouldn't he be Captain of the Titanic as it begins to spring leaks?

As for Larsen and his comments about Lali and Evans... hold your breath, because I agree with you. There's some ex MLAs making a comeback that will make a good contribution to the house when elected, Tim Stevenson comes to mind. Anybody is better than Squeegie Kid Mayencourt. But throughout the process of getting ready for 2005, I have been quite vocal that people with baggage should enjoy the fruits of their previous labour and move on with their lives. To be objective, alot of former NDP MLA's have decided NOT to run, as they realize that their time has come and gone.

And maybe that's why alot of the Liberal MLA's have decided to flee too. All I know is its interesting to see that Hagen, VanDongen, Richmond, and the other socreds have decided to stay on, while alot of the middle of the road Liberals are leaving.

To come to Corky Evans' defence, getting elected to the leg will cost him in his standard of living. He is not doing it for the money.

I wasn't specifically referring to Corky actually. Nor was I talking about coming back for the money either. I was talking about the need for new blood within the party, not just rolling out the old boys and girls.

It'll be interesting to see how some of the nomination battles go. It's an exciting time around here thats for sure. You can tell everyone is ramping up for the election as the rhetoric is flying like wool. lol

Common Sense.

I have yet to see anyone write a bio that states that they were a loser.

The issue is that inexperienced, unsuccessful people take over Government roles and the net result is that the taxpayer wind up paying for their incompetence.

Heck if I was a consultant I would love it. I could bleed a couple hundred grand a year out of the system for blowing smoke up some "schoolteachers" butt and love every minute of it because he/she wouldn't have a clue what was expected of me.

If I was a contractor I could makes lots of money delivering substandard services without any fear of backlash as the "retail sales clerk" wouldn't know a good deal from a bad one or have the confidence to call me to task if I ever got caught.

The taxpayer gets what they pay for in more ways than one. As we have seen recently in the leg, those who feel that they are not earning what they deserve allegedly find other ways of making up for the shortfall.

Shortly after the last election Elizabeth Cull was walking on Blanshard street downtown and walked into a Subway that had a "help wanted" sign on the front window. Somebody across the street yelled out that Elizabeth Cull was applying for a job. I thought it was pretty funny at the time but she was trumped a few times since then!

Corky Evans? Didn`t the Globe and mail refer to him as the most honest politician in Canada.

>Corky Evans? Didn`t the Globe and mail refer to him as the most honest politician in Canada.

Isn't that like saying your girlfriend has a "nice personality"?

Personally, I don't think that anyone with the name Corky, Sweetie, Bunny, Cookie, or who punctuates the letter "I" with a happy face or heart should be allowed to run for office.

Would that include "the drunk"?

c. parkhurst,
you sound like the vindictive one that still lives the past.
good times are just around the corner,right,.

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