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Yesterday, Public Eye reported on the increasing influence of senior bureaucrat Jessica McDonald within the premier's office. Prior to being hired by that office in November 2003, she ran Tupelo Consulting Inc., a public land management consulting company. That company's clients have included First Nations groups and the government of New South Wales. But most of its work has been done right here at home for the taxpayers of British Columbia. Between fiscal 1998/99 and 2002/03, the provincial government paid out $413,301 to Ms. McDonald and her company. Most of that money has been awarded since fiscal 2000/01, with the firm receiving $214,710 in fiscal 2002/03. Ms. McDonald previously worked as a manager-level civil servant in environment, lands and parks and is married to former Liberal caucus communications director Mike McDonald.

Payments to Jessica McDonald and Tupelo Consulting

Fiscal 1998/99 - $25,203
Fiscal 1999/00 - $39,470
Fiscal 2000/01 - $67,113
Fiscal 2001/02 - $66,805
Fiscal 2002/03 - $214,710

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Looks like Mike "runs" Tupelo. At least we know who wears the pants :-)

Administrative Contact
Name Mr. Mike Mcdonald
Job Title Manager
Postal Address Tupelo Consulting Inc. Tupelo Consulting Inc. 4249 Yellow Point Road V9G-1G3 BC Canada
Phone +1 250-245-4487

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