The value of sacrificing lambs

Today, Public Eye opined in the Times Colonist that British Columbians want to be reassured provincial New Democrat leader Carole James isn't a union puppet before they give her party another chance at government. But she also needs to reassure those voters her New Democrats aren't the same as the old New Democrats. And, according to insiders, she had an opportunity to do that last week.

When Adrian Dix, Premier Glen Clark's right-hand man, announced he would be seeking the party nomination in Vancouver-Kingsway, Ms. James could have let it be known she would have some difficulty signing his nomination papers. But, instead, she told CKNW, "It's not up to the leader to make a choice around who's going to represent that community. It's the community who will make that decision. I don't parachute candidates in. People will make that choice. And they'll ask the right questions." Another missed Sister Soulojha moment?


Sean, why is it that the NDP can't win with the media in the province. If Carole did in fact not sign his nomination papers, the media would have been all over her for being like Paul Martin and continuing on with the "democratic deficit." I'm an ardent supporter of the party, and yet I too have some problems with some of the names coming forward. Who's to say that those people are the ones who are actually going to win the nomination?? This article would have been better off posted AFTER the nomination races. Of course, the same argument I made above about not being able to win with the media in this province will still be the same.

If she at that time refuses to sign papers, then the CanWorst Global empire attacks her for saying one thing and doing another. If she follows the wishes of the members of a particular riding assn, and goes along with their selection, then she's accused of being the leader of the same ol NDP. In the end, its up to the voters. You talk about the same old NDP in your article, yet the decision to me is clear: in a 2 party race, which realistically this is: are you happy with the Fiberal government and their band of fumbling, bumbling misfits, or do we go in the direction of a party with a new leader and new ideas, with a few familiar faces? I would save the sister soulojha comments for the minister of woman and seniors affairs.

I cannot help but think that you are angling for a job with CanWest or Campbells' privatised communication officers Sean. Oops, it loks like you are already working for them.With so many things to look into you seem fascinated in slagging Carole James and her leadership. Keep it up and I am sure they will come a calling with a better offer after you earn your stripes.

Socialists: Can you please try and think of less stale insult than "You work for the corporate media" or the even more tedious "You're trying to get a job with the corporate media." But then again boredom and monotony are what your faction is all about.

Capitalists:Can you please try and think of less stale insult than "Socialists" or the even more tedious "But then again boredom and monotony are what your faction is all about" or the Michael campbell/Rush Limbaugh fave "kim jong pill".

It would seem Sean manages a good balance as at the moment the right is less than happy to talk to him. Last time I checked, the very existence of Public Eye Online is bugging the shit out of Pablum.

The man is fair, as are Vaughn Palmer, Paul Willcocks., Les Leyne and Russ Francis. We have a very strong political media in BC and no shit is going to get past them - this is not Ottawa with there lap dog columnists.

The reality is that the public in BC are not ready to consider a return to the NDP. The NDP were defeated in 2001 because they governed badly. For the NDP to become government again, the party has to show that is has shed the mistakes of the past and moved to a different platform. Carole James is not doing that. She is running to be leader of the opposition, not premier on the basis of her actions.

The BC Liberals won in 2001 in part due to a backlash against the NDP, but not just that.

The left in BC represents about 30% of the population. The right represents about 40%. The centre is about 30%. No matter how you slice it, the NDP needs to move deep into the centre to have a hope of governing. The NDP has to send the signal that it is the new liberal party in BC, anything short of that and it will remain in the opposition for a very long time.

As much as people dislike it, Sean Holman is completely correct in his sister Souljah comment

Socialists: Under what false pretense would you prefer to be labelled? How bout 'the partisans of power to the people who are easily led astray from the shining path by reactionaries and flunkies such as the Aspers and all the other corporate entities that deliver information to the unwashed.'

What is the difference between unions supporting James when business/corporation $$ finance Liberals election plans? Liberals also have the advantage of biased CWG media ( who went out the way to smear NDP at last election ....** lets compare the smear job on Clark at the time to Gordys drinking charge *** who also have made political reporting low priority...AND lets not forget the " election campaign " that is running on the TV and in the papers using taxpayers$$$$ Leave James the least of the issues in the big picture.

No, that would be a bad move, the left/right/middle division is too simplistic. Carole would offend anti-authority BCers with move that over rules the wishes of the members of a riding association.


CWG did not have to try to hard to smear the NDP in the last election,the NDP did that themselves with they way they balanced budgets and all. Speaking of math, our NDPer above says this is a two way race-another NDP mathematical slight of hand-it's a three party race and the Greens I would think are itching to prove it.
Sean is right( or is that left) with his sister Souljah stuff,the NDP has to move to the center and they can only do that by sacrificing a scared cow or joining the green party!
The polls are showing that the people are coming to their senses and support for the NDP is bottoming out..I mean who out there would have rather had Carole James at the table negotiating the health deal..Premier Campbell took a leadership roll their and got us some needed money..

What kind of leadershipde he show when he drove drunk, and spent the night in a US jail? Campbell`s leadership speak`s for itself.

I will agree that interferring in a nomination race is not the place. The time would have been to come out and support the BC Ferries decision. Certainly it would the NDP is not beholden to the union involved and has learned the leson from the fast ferries.

Two wrongs do not make a right.Why would any one in their right mind support outsourcing jobs as well as the bonehaded approach to labour relations. All the things that the Liberals have done and the seediness, incompetence and mean spiritedness of this group could never match any thing the previous government has done. But if you want to delude yourself and vote for this bunch, well I guess no one can stop you from being driven by your own delusions.
As far as a previous comment about journalists I would like to say that Vaughn Palmer probabaly does not like liars whether they are NDP or Liberals or Social Credit. This is the idea of integrity that I think he embraced from Bruce Hutchison, his mentor. This is why even though he is fairly conservative he is also credible. I do not think any one else comes close to him, not even Sean.
So Sean, what happened with your communications advisor job with tough business man Rick Thorpe?.

Sean is the man, I love his site as it teaches me all sorts of good stuff about the workings of our provincial government.

Thanks for a great site Sean!

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