The prophecy comes true

Adrian Dix, Premier Glen Clark's right-hand man, has decided to run for the provincial New Democrat nomination in Vancouver-Kingsway, according to an email obtained by Public Eye. The email invites supporters to his campaign kickoff this coming Saturday at the Cassandra Hotel. Interestingly enough, Cassandra also happens to be the name of a prophet from Greek mythology who was doomed to tell the truth but never to be believed. The following is a copy of that email.

You're invited to

Adrian Dix's Nomination Campaign Kickoff!

Join us with family, friends and a few special guests... Come out and show your support for the best choice to represent Vancouver-Kingsway!

Where: India Abroad

3075 Kingsway (in the Cassandra Hotel)

When: Saturday, October 2nd, 2004 at 2:00 pm

Light refreshments will be served.

Please contact 604-767-1900 for more information.

Produced by volunteer labour

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