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Monday morning is come to Jesus time for public affairs bureau directors. That's the day when the provincial government's top spinners will be having their first official meeting with Athana Mentzelopoulous, the bureau's new deputy minister. According to insiders, hopes are high Ms. Mentzelopoulous will be rolling out a plan to deal with the agency's high turnover rate (read: low morale and long hours) - which has been making the bureau look more like McDonalds than the civil service. Finance Minister Gary Collins, who is now the minister responsible for government communications, earlier hinted he might be increasing salaries to attract new communications officers and keep the ones the Liberals already have. Managers and directors may have a meeting with Minister Collins later that afternoon.

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It's too bad if the head honchos think that money alone will solve the morale and turnover issue. I know people who have left PAB to take jobs for LESS pay but did it gladly. Why? To take opportunities where employers support their staff and are open to the fact that staff have lives outside of work that need to be accomodated (ie children, and part time schooling).

So good luck if the only focus is money...that's not the only problem.

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