The Gong Show gets renewed for another season

Public Eye has learned the provincial Conservative executive council just passed a resolution salvaging an earlier deal to merge with Unity. The resolution, which was drafted by Unity communications director Blake Mackenzie and Conservative president Bill Smith, was approved by 15 out of the 18 council members who voted. Mr. Smith and Unity president Tim Bonner want to hold a newser tomorrow announcing the deal. But others have cautioned against that plan, citing problems with getting the media out to a last-minute event. The following is a copy of the resolution.

1. The BC Unity Party at its Sept 25/04 AGM elect 10 members to sit on the BC Conservative Party Board of Directors. That 8 directors of the BC Conservative Party volunteer to step down so that the 10 elected at the BC Unity Party AGM can replace them. (There are 2 vacancies out of the possible 20)

2. That at the BC Unity Party AGM, the party decides to de-register the BC Unity Party and instruct it’s Executive to do so immediately.

3. That the BC Unity Party use their party's assets to purchase one-year memberships in the BC Conservative Party on behalf of the BC Unity Party current membership or encourage the BC Unity Party membership to take out membership into the BC Conservative Party voluntarily. Any remaining assets be donated to the BC Conservative Party to cover mailing and meeting costs.

4. That the newly-constituted BC Conservative Party Executive commence as soon as possible to;

a) Organize a Special General Meeting to amend/replace the BC Conservative Party Constitution and Policy by Saturday, January 15th 2005.

b) Organize a Leadership Convention.

c) Determine rules and qualifications for Leadership and Constituency candidates.

d) BC Conservative Party directors, work with former BC Unity Party Constituency organizations to establish BC Conservative Party Constituency organizations.

e) Prepare constitutional amendments for a Special General Meeting and Leadership Convention.

f) Strike a policy committee to prepare a blend of the existing policies of the two parties. If any conflict exists between the policies of the two parties on a specific item, that item is to be dropped until a later policy convention.

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