The discard pile

Yesterday, the provincial government announced the University College of the Cariboo in Kamloops would be renamed Thompson Rivers University next year. That name, which was selected during a comprehensive community nomination process, is functional. But it's not nearly as colourful as some of the 170 others which were submitted by local residents. Our personal favourite is The Free University of Kamloops - an excellent example of wishful thinking. The following document, obtained by Public Eye, lists those recommendations that were put into the "other" category (as opposed to being place-name based, for example).

Heartland University
Overlander University
All Nations University
British Columbia Academic University
British Columbia University
Canada Pacific University
All Civic University
British Columbia's Unique University
Canadian Comprehensive Open University
Central University
Central University of British Columbia
Chinook Applied & Open University
Chinook University
Fraser Valley University
Hughland Valley University
Kamcarnictom University
Millennium University
Monashee University
North Cascades University
Nottkwyta University
Omni University of Interior British Columbia
Open University of British Columbia
Pacific Diversified University
Pacific University
Pro-Civic University
Quansem University
Success University
Superior University
The Applied British Columbia University
The Free University of Kamloops
The Great University
The Great University of British Columbia
University Campus of Canada
University Education Institute of British Columbia
University of British Columbia of Open Learning
University of Cascadia
University of Pacific West
University of the Heartland


How can anyone disagree with:

University of the Heartland

Free University of Kamloops - Let's hear it for good 'ol FUK-U...

why not go with b.c.,s most successful industry?

roll on nic,,

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