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Yesterday, British Columbia Democratic Alliance leader Tom Morino announced his party was merging with three others to form the British Columbia Democratic Coalition (whose logo bears a strong resemblance to four intertwined Celtic pretzels). In a news release, the party claims "active negotiations are underway (to unite) with two other political parties, and preliminary discussions had (sic) been conducted with others." Leaving aside the issue of whether anyone actually cares whether the United Oak Bay Nosepickers' Club joins the coalition, Public Eye is left wondering just how many parties British Columbia actually has.

Well, here's the answer: according to a recent report released by Elections British Columbia our province has 42. By comparison, Alberta has the next largest number at 12. And most provinces have less than half of that. Which means, if Mr. Moronio really wanted to, virtually all of his time between now and the election could be spent uniting fringe partiies. But we're not sure that would be much of a vote-getter.


I was talking with the Chief Electoral Officer lasy Fruday and he mentioned he had signed into existance the 43rd party - something ED was the name I think

Oh my... have we become that cynical? That something new and exciting can't occur in BC politics? Of course Gordon Wilson received the same eye rolling a decade ago, next thing you know he's leading the official opposition.

There is some serious negotiations going on, and there will be some large announcements occurring in the days and weeks ahead, you can be sure of that. The reason no names are being released is we believe actions speak louder then hype. Anyone can say they're going to invent a magical new widget, but when this widget is publicly unveiled is what counts.

I'm personally very excited about this. We're on the verge of having a real alternative to the left-right extremes in this province. A truly moderate, progressive party that works in the best interests of British Columbians. That's not tied to any particular ideology, it looks at each issue individually. A party that consults the public on matters of policy and direction, not locking voters into a 4 year contract that might not even be the same one they originally voted for.

As our press release says, it is a renaissance. A new era for democracy, and as someone in the high-tech field I see this whole "technology" thing as what makes it all possible.

But, time will tell if this all come into fruition. Stay tuned, folks. :)

Matthew Laird
VP, BC Democratic Coalition
Leader, MDM (

@ Bernard

Thought maybe the 43rd would be the Dubya party, or maybe even Doobie Wah, but certainly not the Party of the Septal Deviants.

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