From one extreme to another

Insiders confirm the provincial New Democrat headquarters hive mind is planning on sending drone-leader Carole James on a cross-province healthcare "consultation" tour sometime this fall. Of course, the fact Ms. James will be doing a lot of listening but (likely) very little talking during that tour should come as a surprise to no one. After all, aside from her controversial plan to oulaw open-net fish farming, Ms. James seems to have avoided (to-date) taking a firm position on anything expect on the most motherhood of issues (such as bunnies are cute and anything the Liberals do is bad, bad, bad).


Another piece of rubbish from Mr. Holman. How can it be a "fact" that Carol James will be doing a lot of listening but (likely) very little talking on a tour that hasn`t happened yet? Maybe you could explain your position on open-net fish farming Mr. Holman.

Okay, even NDP supporters have to admit that Holman's spot on. I mean, Carol James whines and complains about everything the BC Liberals do, but then when asked if she'd reverse their 'tough decisions', she always backs off. It's like she's letting them do all the dirty work, then she talks about how horrible it is, but then admits that she won't go back to the way things were.

The reality is the economy's booming - here more than in other provinces under the same set of conditions, more or less, so she doesn't really have a leg to stand on. I wonder if that's why she's not saying anything - let the voters be under the illusion that she'd do things differently, and not admit that her only concrete statements are (1) the fish farming, and (2) that she's been "very clear" about taxes all along - she won't discuss them.

Good job, Carol.

I'd like to congradulate Sean on how funny he made an otherwise mundane piece of news about BC politics.

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