Clowns to the left

British Columbia Young New Democrat co-chair Mike Palecek (whose predecessor, Miriam Martin, is also his partner) has written a fascinating (read: very damaging) article on party leader Carole James. That article ran in this month's edition of L'Humanite, a magazine published by the New Democrats' very own communist cell (which goes by the same name). In it, Mr. Palecek accuses Ms. James of having come "to power without a platform. She said nothing concrete in her campaign for leader and clearly had no real plan for how to move forward."

"This is precisely why the party brass rallied around her and got her elected. Each of the four leading candidates represented a different section of the party...Carole James was an empty smile" - perhaps explaining the most recent Mustel Research Group Ltd. poll showing 55 percent of British Columbians remain undecided about Ms. James (a five percentage point jump since August).

Mr. Palecek, who is a regular contributor to L'Humanite (which was recently renamed Fightback), then goes on to ask "Why would the leaders of the labour movement and the NDP be so eager to back someone with no real political direction? It is all very simple. They wanted someone pliable. They needed a leader that they could control; that is, a leader that wouldn't lead. And this is precisely what they found in Carole James."

The Liberals couldn't have said it any better.


Thanks for this ... I laughed out loud at the article title and then had Steelers Wheel playing in my head all afternoon.



Hmmm...I have a great idea!

This is a great opportunity for a tiny group of somewhat ‘Un-New Democrat’ youth to splinter off to form their own consensus circle, incense burning, communist cell and plan the revolution for which non of them are trained for.

I almost couldn’t feel my fingers while I was typing that…somewhat therapeutic I must say!

so mike,sounds like you,ve got a big problem,
whats your answer to carole?

please be honest while your knife is aimed at her back.
at the least mike,let her run the next election,
maybe she can restore some credibility to the party, something thats sorely missing.
cheers, nic

Hmmm, so much for fair and unbiased journalism. I think that calling Fightback the 'clowns to the left' is very unprofessional.
We do live in a somewhat democratic country, and it is our right and duty to criticize our political leaders. If we don't, then 'empty smile' leaders like Carole James come to power on no platform.
That was a great article Mike, I'm glad somebody had the guts to say it. I'm sure that nobody else who has replied to this article actually read your piece. I suggest you read it before stating your know-it-all opinions.

On the other side of the coin, are we saying that Campbell is not an empty smile leader, and no the mugshot smile doesn`t count.

This just may be the worst piece of journalism I've ever read. If you want to write an opinion piece, don't try to pass it off as news. I am the Co-Chair of the BC Young New Democrats, and the author of the article about Carole James. Why is it that in all the slanderous articles this "journalist" has written against the YND he has never once bothered to contact anyone on the Young New Democrats' executive for comment?

I would encourage all readers to read the actual article so they can see the context of these quotes.

Although I have many disagreements with Carole and the leadership of the NDP, there is nobody in this province who will be campaigning harder to put them into power. Despite all of her problems, Carole James is a thousand times better than Gordon Campbell!

That being said, I think it is one of the strong points of the NDP that there is such a wide range of opinions in the party. There are many dissenting views in the party, both from the left and from the right. It is through this debate that we arrive at a better society. After all, democracy is our middle name! :)

I am glad to see the direction Carole has been heading since this article was written. Demanding that BC Ferries be returned to the people of this province is exactly what she needs to be doing to win this election. I hope she keeps it up.

I am in debt to Mike on this one! I remember being bored to death watching Caroles campaign but because of the huge lack of media throughput, I never picked up on these quotes such as:

�New Democrats and the business community share a lot more in common than is often assumed.�

Let's all give into big business and the profit system! after all, we're not too keen on the potential for capital flight out of Canada right?

Please wake up all, Capital is a tool of exploitation.... I say take the next flight! Leave the factories behind, it'd be our chance to realize a democratic economy.

Mr. Sean Holman .... very poor, very.

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