Will they also be serving Borscht?

The communist revolution may not yet be underway in British Columbia. But the Young New Democrats are already planning out what will happen when it does. According to minutes taken during their August executive meeting, Okanagan University College socialist historian Sylvia Russell is being invited to speak at the Young New Democrat's annual convention (which is being held in Penticton between October 15 and 17). An insider tell us Prof. Russell's attendance was discussed last Sunday, during a youth executive conference call. And, evidently, the plan is to have her tell the little 'uns all about the Soviet education system - surely the model party leader Carole James plans on using should she ever become premier. The following is a copy of those leaked minutes.

Date: Sat, 04 Sep 2004 09:38:08 -0700
From: Marion Hewitt-Pollock Reply-To: Marion Hewitt-Pollock Subject: minutes
To: Mike_Palecek@telus.net

Hey Mike, I can't email from my other email so I'm forwarding you the minutes. (I hate computers.)


Minutes - August 29th, 2004

Present: Scott Hart, Mike Palecek, Marion Pollock, Breanne Duhammel, Sophie Isbister, Linsie Landa, Chris Palecek
On the phone: Jarrah Hodge, Allyson Roussy, John Barker
Guests: Elena Barbir, Jeff Dean, Thomas Hubert, Johny DeSilvera, Brent McVicker, Duc Tran.

1. Adoption of Agenda
Motion to adopt agenda m/s/c

2. Adoption of minutes from last meeting
Motion to postpone m/s/c

3. Elections
-Jarrah will phone a scrutineer separately
-Chris, Marion to scrutineer m/s/c

Mike Palecek and Brianne Duhammel acclaimed

Brent McVicker acclaimed


Sarain Friedenberg acclaimed


Duc Tran acclaimed

Mathieu Poirier acclaimed

-Mike Palecek resigns as Lower Mainland co-ordinator
-Brianne Duhammel resigns as Interior co-ordinator
-Motion to accept Mike and Brianne's resignation m/s/c

Interim elections
Elena Barbir acclaimed

3. Convention
-Report from Breanne and discussion:
-Hostel has 18-20 beds with off-season rates
-Billets have 50-65 beds
-Elks Lodge in centre of town
-200 seats in theatre 150 with tables
-With kitchen costing $10/ hour and bar costing $100 per day
-OUC lecture hall seats 90 in theatre
-Penticton Mayor David Perry and Councillor McIver, Professor Sylvia Russel of OUC and Jack Layton and Carole James would be good to invite
-A protest school and election preparedness workshop
-Saturday Social
-Laser Tag
-Social at Elks Lodge
-Constituency Fundraiser
-YND fundraiser
-Charter bus costs between $1300-4500 for a 54 seating bus
-Mini-buses and carpooling
-Elks Lodge has a kitchen and Penticton has many grocery stores
-Leslie Kerr from provincial office will help with convention and will be
at convention as our organizer.
-Motion to give Thomas Hubert permission to speak m/s/c
-Marion to organize booking hotels/ hostels and report to steering committee m/s/c
-Executive to direct steering committee to meet to discuss convention between August 29th and September Convention m/s/c
-Mike to look into transportation and report to steering committee m/s/c
-Breanne to book Penticton Elks Lodge m/s/c
-Scott to invite Jack Layton and Carole James m/s/c
-Chris to organize meals and food m/s/c
-Delegate fees to be $10-100 sliding scale m/s/c
-Scott to organize a fundraiser in Victoria m/s/c
-Mike to organize an auction at Federal Council m/s/c
-Mike and Breanne to send a fundraising letter to Labour Movement m/s/c
-Theme to be "Bring Down Campbell" m/s/c
-Breanne to organize a social on Saturday October 16th m/s/c
-Marion to write agenda to be approved by executive m/s/c
-Breanne to email Marion with information about hotels/hostels
-Executive members to come up with at least one workshop idea and send to listserve
-Marion to work on registration form and with Provincial Office

4. Any other Business
Provincial Council Delegate and alternate elections
-Marion and Linsie to scrutineer m/s/c
-Motion to destroy ballots m/s/c

UVic Clubsdays
-Motion to allow Jeff Dean to speak m/s/c
-Uvic wants to make a pamphlet for clubsdays
-Committee for clubsdays: Chris Palecek, Brent McVicker, Jeff Dean,
Marion Pollock, Mike Palecek m/s/c

-Motion to direct council delegates to vote for motion concerning YND
at September Council m/s/c

University Model Parliament
-Allyson Roussy be reimbursed for UMP 2004-09-04 m/s/c



It kind of looks like there must be a shortage of actual news out there.

sounds like c.parkhurst is a little uncomfortable with [the future of the ndp],
what a shame.

i hope the young ones are just warming up, should be agood show.


C. Parkhurst is not at all uncomfortable with the future of the NDP. If anything, I`m uncomfortable with the future of British Columbia being owned and run by multinational corporations, and not enough work for our own citizens, and taxpayers. The only point I make regarding this "article" is that it is a non story. The way the story reads it is almost a crime to have Sylvia Russell speak at the convention. And no, I do not know who she is.

I can't wait to read Sean Holman's article about our YND Convention. I'm sure he'll have the whole place bugged so he can get a media exclusive!

PS. We will not be serving Borscht, Beet soup isnt "Red" enough for us commies :D

What the hell? Are you drunk? Where does it even imply that there are any communist leanings?!? And note- this is coming from a rather right wing liberal. Slow news day boys? Way to grasp at straws you sorry excuse for a reporter.

I agree, I see nothing that even hints at communist or left leanings at all. Maybe he's referring to me bringing borscht since I am personally russian or something.

Must be a slow news days, what with the cabinet shuffle and the recent arrests. I can see why some would try to make an issue about a well-respected scholar of Russian Studies speaking to BC youth. Of course, it would be better if his source were at all reliable... because apparently, she's not. Or he. Or both.

I can see the true intent of Public Eye Online is starting to unfold. Maybe a name change could be Right Wing Views Online. Perhaps a return to the old "Socialist Hordes are Coming Over the Mountain" theme ala Wac Bennett". Why does any article with reference to the NDP have some underlying reference to Communism or the Soviet Union. I thought it was a good thing to educate ourselves about other parts of the world, or should we stay in Smallville?

Maybe we should be waving our red banners, sing the Soviet anthem and play into the right wing stereotypes. If they stopped and looked at what the NDP is all about maybe they would understand that we may be left wing but we are not communist and there is nothing to fear.

Although i cannot admit to reading much of what public eye is about (ie their political slant and journalistic credibility),but if Holman is any kind of an indication of their staff quality, the editors ought to be concerned. COuld Sean Holman reach any further for a story. talk about a future spin doctor at work. It's not even the blatant right-wing bias that is troubling (as i don't believe giving voice to the radical left and right is necessarily a bad thing), but the leaps he takes in logic to construct a story. Working on assumptionns is not credible journalism.

great work sean...
well, the young ones are learning all about b.c. politics,very entertaing,,
kudos,, nic.

I can't believe it, my co-worker just bought a car for $57285. Isn't that crazy!


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