Attention Bruce Clark!

Your voice mailbox is full - and has been for the past week, ever since Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm released edited copies of the legislature raid search warrants. You probably already know that though. However, we'd really like to ask you why your name is in those warrants. Of course, we know being named in a search warrant doesn't mean you've been involved in any kind of wrongdoing. And we realize police have repeatedly said only former ministerial assistants David Basi and Bob Virk are under investigation. But, according to the warrants, it's alleged "Basi is believed to have offered, delivered or caused to have been delivered government documents to Clark." And there's probably quite a few people wondering about that allegation. You might also be interested to know the police identify you as being a major fundraiser for Prime Minister Paul Martin. If you'd like to talk to Public Eye about this matter, please feel free to get a hold of us at (250) 598-9792.


I don't believe, depending on the circumstances and evidence, that receiving the information is generally illegal.

It is breach of trust to hand it over, but similar to "Leaked secret memo's" the Liberals used to always come up with and the NDP do now. It was illegal for the leaker to leak it but not the opposition for having it.

On the other hand, the precise statement of the RCMP last week, at least according to a CP wire story in the National Post was that Clark's name was on a list that included individuals who are:

'... not "at the present time" subjects of the investigation."

Thus, it wouldn't be unreasonable for any right-minded person, including the persons named, to conclude that such a qualifier keeps the door open for future changes in the focus of the investigation.

Then again, that qualifier could be entirely inaccurate given the fact that last week CanWestGlobal generally, and the National Post specifically, was found to be re-writing wire copy to push their own agenda.

Bruce Clark is currently unavailable as he wishes to spend more time with his family.

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