The morning after pill

Perhaps the reason government communications has so much trouble communicating is because no one communicates with them? That's the question some public affairs bureau staffers have been pondering today. After all, they were the last to know about the appointment of Athana Mentzelopoulous as their new deputy minister. Let's do the math. On Wednesday, the government quietly released an after-hours information bulletin about that appointment. Approximately seventeen hours passed. And then, at 10:30 on Thursday, public affairs bureau executive director Andy Orr officially notified the troops. In fairness, we're told Mr. Orr was probably not the one responsible for the timing of that email. But, in the minds of some, it's another indication the folks at central command are continuing to treat the bureau like a gangrenous severed limb (better to be disposed of than re-attached). The following is a copy of his email.

To: PAB All Staff
Sent: 9/16/04 10:30 AM
Subject: New Deputy Minister for Public Affairs Bureau

Good morning all,

My apologies for not having the opportunity to tell you this sooner but, for those who aren't already aware, Athana Mentzelopoulos has been appointed the new deputy minister for the Public Affairs Bureau.

I know she is looking forward to working with all of you in PAB. She has been the deputy minister for intergovernmental relations since April, and will continue to be responsible for that area as well. Previously, she served for ten years with the federal government in a variety of portfolios.

Thanks for your continued professionalism and patience as we make these adjustments.


What to do with gangrenous limbs (including uppity cabinet ministerial prostheses)?

Why, sever them all of course!

Hmmmm....perhaps it's time to change the metaphor from the 'SS Gordon Campbell' to 'Gordo of Black Knight'.

After all, he really is on a quest to find the Holy Grail of NeanderconLand, right?

Yes Jack, that's what you need, a new metaphor.

me think that,,
jack w. is a sore loser.

but anyways,,kegler or for that matter,,,craniuum, the ndp is finished, gone.

Not likely. Let`s watch the Liberals meltdown as the legislative raid begins to unfold itself.

Hey Nic... how you dragged me into this thread I don't know. But now that you have, I am more than willing to play. First Clark, then Halsey Brandt plus another 11 or so who won't seek re election on the runaway train known as GordoMania. One could contend that these are rats jumping off a sinking ship. I know I know.. in Clark's case its family commitments. But if its such a winning team, why are alot of the coat tail riders looking to jump off the gravy train???

Time to fire up the new BC Conservative party I think. Give those people who don't think Gordo's wacky enough (like Kevin Kreuger) a place to hang their shingle. Never write off an underdog Nic.. you just might get bitten. And as we have seen, Gordo and his merry band of misfits can hardly go a month without screwing something up royally. And there's 8 months to go.

By the way, congrats to David Hahn and Gordo for sending 542 million of our tax dollars to a German shipyard to build 3 ferries that could have been built here. Nothing like subsidizing German boatbuilders who are already subsidized by the German government. I don't think that this issue is a dead one yet. The pressure on the Martin Liberals to NOT waive the Import Duty on those boats will be huge.

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