They think they're being clever

Usually, when the provincial government issues an information bulletin at five o'clock (and not, at publication time, posted on their Website), it doesn't want that bulletin to get a lot of attention. So much for that idea. As Public Eye speculated on Sunday, Athana Mentzelopoulous has been appointed head of the public affairs bureau. But it also looks like she's going to be keeping her existing position as the deputy minister responsible for intergovernmental relations. The following is a copy of the bulletin.

For Immediate Release
Sept. 15, 2004

Office of the Premier


VICTORIA - The government today announced that Athana Mentzelopoulos is
appointed deputy minister of the Public Affairs Bureau.

Mentzelopoulos was appointed deputy minister of intergovernmental relations
in April, and will retain responsibility for this area.


Media contact:
Ken Dobell
Deputy Minister to the Premier
250 387-0986

Visit the Province's website at for online information and

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