Importing a common sense revolutionary

The irreplaceable Kim Chan, who resigned as Health Minister Colin Hansen's ministerial assistant back in June, has been replaced by Michael Harrison. Mr. Harrison previously worked for Ontario Conservative government Health and Long-Term Care Minister Tony Clement. Mr. Clement has since become better known for being a federal Tory leadership candidate.


Just my imagination, or is the SS Gordon Campbell working furiously to bring on a new, fresh-faced crop of right-sided shipmates to serve and protect those deep-pocketed customers threatening to disembark, mid-cruise, for a different starboard-listing, double-huller that has recently appeared on the horizon?

Also have to wonder if the Skipper is worried about the fact that last week's unsealing of the search Warrant Officer once again turned the media's searchlight toward the red FedLib coveralls that some of his Engine Room Crew are so fond of wearing.

I bet Jack stayed up all night writing & re-writing that one.

I always find it fascinating when folks on the left attempt to portray the BC Liberals as the most right wing government in history AND a secret nest of federal Liberals all at the same time.

Word of advice Jack - don't mix your arguments as badly as you mix your metaphors.

Naw Dirk, but I did get started on the day's work a little later than usual.

And thanks for the veiled ad hominem advice John.

Maybe next time I'll try and stick to a red foot/blue foot theme.

Regardless, if Mr. Holman's recent reportage has any validity at all it is not unreasonable to suggest that the two extremes are starting to pull pretty hard at the center of Mr. Campbell's coalition.

And given that there ain't no there there (ie. at that center) it's not surprising that somebody from the coalition's braintrust might be working hard at sabotaging the new Tories or, at the very least getting control of them.

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