But who will be his prom queen?

Independent Liberal MLA Tony Bhullar has suddenly become the most popular student in the classroom. Two government insiders confirm Premier Gordon Campbell scheduled a meeting with Mr. Bhullar early last week to discuss his impending decision on whether to join the provincial Conservatives (which may merge with Unity this weekend). But that meeting, which took place on Friday in the West Annex, wasn't Mr. Bhullar's only social engagement. Public Eye has learned the MLA was in discussions with Unity leader Chris Delaney yesterday about the role he might play in the merged party. In an interview at the legislature earlier today, Mr. Bhullar would neither confirm nor deny whether he had met with Premier Campbell and Mr. Delaney.


One has to wonder what the fly on the wall would have heard in Campbell`s office. Please Tony come to the Conservative party called the BC Liberals?

I do not understand why the BC Liberals are constantly being protrayed as the same as a conservative party when the party is basically in line with the typical politics of a Liberal party in Canada.

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