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Unity leader Chris Delaney, whose party may merge with the provincial Conservatives later this month, has been working for the past three years to convince British Columbians that his members and policies are socially moderate (translation: electable). To most people, being socially moderate means a belief that the state has no place in the nation's bedrooms (and wombs). But that sales job been something of an uphill battle for Mr. Delaney.

After all, Unity's interm constitution included a clause recognizing "the right-to-life, which must be protected and preserved at all stages." And its campaign platform promised to remove the restrictions that limit "free speech" near abortion clinics. So, Public Eye thinks it probably isn't a good thing that Unity's annual general meeting has been listed as one of several upcoming pro-life events on Free Dominion, a conservative Website.

Credit where credit is due: My colleague, respected commentator Norman Spector, gratiously contributed to this article.


Delaney and Unity are as Conservative as I am NDP..

Delaney and Unity and G. Campbell and the BC Liberal party are as Conservative as I am NDP.

As the communications director for The BC Alternative I can say the posting in the Free Dominion forum did not come through our channels.
A single individual's actions should not label the entire movement. They posted the BC Unity AGM and not the BC Alternative Convention. Yes, we are using the same facility but the BC Unity members must still vote to ratify the Agreement in Principle.

Secondly, the BC Alternative is greater than any one individual. Chris Delaney still has to win the Leadership race for the new BC Conservative Party, that's if he decides to run for leadership. On December 4th a new leader with lead the BC Conservatives into the May 2005 election.

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