Political couplings

Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan and former provincial cabinet minister Ed Conroy aren't expected to run in the next election. But their spouses just may. In an interview with Public Eye, Burnaby school trustee Kathy Corrigan confirmed she has been thinking about seeking the party nomination in Burnaby-Willingdon - a riding currently held by government backbencher John Nuraney. But Ms Corrigan adds, "I enjoy my (current) work a lot and it would mean a lot of travel. So, all things considered, I'm leaning against it." Meanwhile, in the heartlands, rumour has it that Katrina Conroy is looking at running against Minister of State for Resort Development Sandi Santori in West Kootenay-Boundary, possibly announcing her candidacy later this month.


Corrigan is such an embarrasment of a mayor for Burnaby. Constantly bickering and always trying to push his leftist agenda over what is good for the city. His dung with the RAV line, loss of the Olympic oval, and now a stance against the Port Mann project - to what end ?

Like any good NDP'er he stands in the way of real progress unless the labor movement gets well greased in the process. He should apply for one of those B.C. Fed. field organizer positions - He wouldn't even have to move and someone more interested in Burnaby and solving lower mainland traffic woes could step in. The last thing we need is another NDP-Corrigan.

I think the most clear indication of what matters to Derek Corrigan has been his silence on the issue of sexual harassment in the Burnaby Fire Department.

Anyone who believes that the woman involved was issued a back-to-work order by the city without Corrigan's prior knowledge and approval is dreaming. He is putting the boots to her on behalf of his friends in the union fire hall.

His wife must be proud.

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