Let's do the time warp again!

The provincial New Democrat nomination process is starting to look like a scene out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Former cabinet ministers Corky Evans, Harry Lali and Dennis Striefel have all said they want to run again in the next election. And now rumours are circulating that septugarian socialist former premier David Barrett is considering doing the same thing. But when we reached the 74-year-old Mr. Barrett at his beatific, coastal Esquimalt home, he put the kybosh those rumours. According to the former premier, a number of individuals have approached him about seeking a nomination but, "There's two problems with me running. One: my wife will leave me. And two: I'd end up being committed to a mental institution."


Is there a shortage of Young social commies in this province? Do we really need to be reminded that we once had a chain smoking health minister?At a time when everybody is trying to reduce waiting lines in hospitals Ole Corky is probably lighting another one up hoping that somebody is saving his place.What next...I know maybe Glen Clark will make a comeback and be justice minister

Not Glen Clark ... yet ... but if rumours are true we are going to see the next best(?) thing - his personal assistant and 1st class memo fudger - Adrian Dix - who is reported to be seeking an NDP nomination for the 2005 election.

If this keeps up it is going to be very hard for Carol James to sell her NDP slate as "new" when the old "gang" is still so actively involved.

Then again this is BC where anything can happen.

Their campaign song would be " Everything old is new again".They never cease to amaze me.

You missed out Bill Barlee - he is going mano a mano with Harry Laliin Yale Lillooet.

The rumour about Barrett smells of plagurism of the federal conservatives and John Crosby. A chance to get a comedic soundbite.

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