An example of a categorical denial

Today, we reported an email is being circulated encouraging provincial Liberal supporters and federal Conservatives to attend the British Columbia Conservative annual general meeting and oppose plans to merge that party with Unity. But, in a message left on Public Eye's answering machine, vacationing party executive director Kelly Reichert said, "I just want to make it clear that under no circumstances has anybody from the party - any officials - been involved in any type of activity of emailing or phoning or doing any type of encouraging for anyone to take part in any activity of the B.C. Conservative Party or the B.C. Unity Party. And we would not condone that. And we are definitely opposed to any of that kind of activity."


This is a very interesting state of affairs brewing.

So when/if this e-mail surfaces after such a sincere and categorical denial I expect that I can look forward to Kelly Reichert's immediate resignation as well as the resignation of the author of the e-mail - Non?

After all it would only be the decent thing to do.

I would also appreciate knowing exactly who Kelly Reichart defines as a party "official". Does this extend to Liberal constituency associations?

Further, I would like to see a public assurance from Kelly Reichert - a posting on this site would be just fine - that if individuals who are known to be strong provincial Liberals are identified actively voting at the Conservative AGM does this mean an automatic censure and immediate expulsion from the provincial Liberal party if they are also known to be simultaneously card carrying Liberals?

I won't be holding my breathe.

To Paul:

A "Party" official is a paid or elected rep to the Party. A "Riding" or "Constituency" official is a locally elected, usually acclaimed, rep for the riding therefore they do not represent the Party.

As there are no Constitutional provisions to restrict participation in another party, there can be no sanctions against it, particularly when it is in defence of the Party against silly little schemes like trying to leach off of the Federal Conservative name. It didn't work when Reform BC tried to fool voters that they were associated when the Reform Party of Canada and it won't work now.

The Polls clearly show that it will be a close race with the ND surge and considering the potential change in the electoral system, it is pointless to merge parties to compete under a first past the post system.


Thanks "Pete" ...

Its nice to have written confirmation that Liberals - as exemplified beautifully by yourself - have absolutely no sense of ethics or morals when it comes to promoting their own agenda - even if it means fraudulently joining a political party for the sole purpose of destroying it. Charming.

I also have a feeling that a card carrying Liberal who joins another political party is subject to sanctions and revocation of their party membership - perhaps you should check this before recommending this rather rash course of action by your fellow Liberals.

As for your "silly party" comment ... you are obviously ignorant of the fact that the BC Conservative Party celebrated its 100th anniversary last year and therefore have no need to "leach" off anyone.

Finally, I assume you are referring to the ND"P" in the close race comment - in this regard, I agree with Chris Delaney - you guys are going to lose this all on your own without any help from us. Our plan is to take votes from both sides and come right up the middle to form a minority government, that way we can help save the province from the socialist nightmare that will surely result from such colossal Liberal failure over the last four years.

Having experienced both the "socialist" nightmare, and now the "Liberal" nightmare, I have no problem at all choosing the "socialist" nightmare. If someone has the need to vote Conservative, then vote Liberal. Only in BC.

Hi Paul in Saanich,

1. I am not a member of any provincial political party so your "written confirmation that Liberals" assumption is just you trying to move to your primary rant. Further, destroying it? Are you so blind not to see that this is a takeover by the Unity Party? How can maintaining the status quo of the BC Con Party be equal to "destroying it"

2. Only the ND Party has a constitutional provision against joining other parties. The Ultra Red wing of Federal PC Party proposed such a motion a few years back but it was easily defeated. If you disagree, provide specific facts, it's rather silly to post your "feelings".

3. Despite the fact that you believe a 100 year old political party that runs a few candidates who receive a pathetic number of votes means that voters "owe" you something - both the ability of the BC CP and the judgement of the voters in the last election was clear. They ran in just 6 seats and received a total of 2417 votes. 1199 of those in a riding where the BC Lib candidate had 74% of the vote. When checking these numbers, I found out that you ran in Saanich South and received 349 votes - way to go! I guess that not many people were convinced by your line of reasoning.

4. Your "come up the middle" fantasy really reinforces my "leaching" comment in my prior comment. The federal merger that resulted in the CPC has a quite a few old Fed PC types thinking they could put a handful of people in the upcoming convention to grab what they think is an asset, the name "Conservative". You should chat with your neighbour Terry Milne who tried the "leaching" tactic and failed.

In closing, if there were to be a serious third party, it would be based in the Reform BC Party who with far less than a 100 years of history managed to run 9 candidates and achieved 3439 votes.


Sorry can't continue this spirited line of debate ... I have to call more "pathetic" new members looking to join our "silly" Conservative party.

P.S. I never said that voters "owe" me or the BCCP anything (try reading my letter again S-L-O-W-L-Y and you'll see)and as for the "pathetic" 349 people who voted for me in the last election - God bless them I appreciate every one of them for their support. Next time we'll do better - promise.

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