Shuffling the deck chairs

We know it sounds unbelievable, but apparently there are still people working at the provincial government's public affairs bureau. Here's the evidence: insiders tell us communications director Shawn Robbins, who was interned at transportation (and highways) during the Coquihalla Highway privatization debacle, is being transferred from energy and mines to agriculture, food and fisheries. That ministry has been without a permanent spinmaster since former CKNW legislative reporter Graham Currie replaced Betty Nicholson at skills, development and labour.

We are also pleased to report Ms. Nicholson, who has been trying to retire for the past two months (if not longer), will finally be decommissioned this week. No word yet on who will take her place at sustainable resource management. But rumour has it Mr. Robbins' old job will be filled by acting treaty negotiations office communications director Tamara Little, who is married to Tom Syer, the premier's prince of issues management. Ms. Little is making room for Deborah Bowman, who will also heading up the attorney general's public affairs bureau.


Maybe the 'Flock of Flacks' press releases would be more effective and adjective-laden if they were privatized....

Fire 'em all and rehire 'em at half salary?

Or, even better, why not just bring them in as part time consultants while they are still working for Corus or CanWest. That way it would be a one stop shop for the 3Rs - reportin', respinnin' and repackagin'.

Either way, we would shed ourselves of all those costly benefits and relocation packages.

Ahh yes Jack, staff turnover in a large organization. The people in the black helicopters must be behind it somehow.

Right Jack!
And tell me that Canadian Press's BC head
isn't married to Gary Ferret!

@ John E-- actually, in my limited experience at least, these folks usually work from black SUVs with big letters plastered all over them...

Vic V -- an elaboration would be most welcome.

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