Upstairs, downstairs

Provincial communications officers once joked that no one ever got promoted out of the Bunker, a small two-story building behind the legislature whose basement has been home to the government's media monitoring staffers since 1988. But that changed yesterday. Those staffers were moved across the street to the fourth floor of the Douglas Building into a space previously occupied by the Crown Agencies Secretariat. That floor also happens to house the public affair bureau's headquarters, which shared the Bunker with media monitoring until 1992.

Government insiders say the move will save money and increase staff efficiency. But other bureaucrats question that explanation - especially since the Douglas Building required substantial (and presumably costly) renovations to hook up the equipment media monitoring uses to record and transcribe television and radio broadcasts across the province. Public Eye has filed a freedom of information request to get a price tag on the move. The downsized intergovernmental relations secretariat has taken over media monitoring's old offices.


What's that you say? Just radio and TV?

Does that mean that there is no new, and perhaps Maximus supplied, special equipment being added up to help monitor the nefarious and dastardly goings on in the blogosphere?

Hmmm. The media monitoring crew get moved, upgraded, updated and consolidated with all the political appointees in PAB. Good to see our tax dollars at work - even though they won't tell us how many of our tax dollars, and what, exactly, they're doing.

At the same time the "downsized" IGR secretariat is being moved into basement.

Goo to see that the government's got it's priorities straight, eh? Who cares about the actual job of being government, as long as they can track Global news at six in real time.

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