Raj Sihota reality show gets another cast member

If three's company and four's a crowd, what happens when you add a fifth wheel? Well, the provincial New Democrats in Vancouver-Hasting are about to find out. According to party insiders, forty-something Latino community leader Julio Lara has become the latest entrant in the nomination race to succeed retiring MLA Joy MacPhail. Mr. Lara, the president of the Latino American Lions Club, is also the editor and publisher of a weekly Spanish-language newspaper. He hosts Voces de mi Terra, a current affairs show on Simon Fraser University's campus radio station CJSF. And he's an active member of the Hotel, Restaurant and Culinary Employees and Bartender's Union Local 40.

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The NDP are going to get their just desserts in this election. The people of East Vancouver want something different than a clone of Joy Macphail.

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