Red menace doesn't scare New Democrats

The provincial New Democrats leadership race wouldn't have been the same without Mehdi Najari. The unabashed revolutionary-in-waiting won the applause if not the votes of party members at last November's convention. And during the recent election, he became an unofficial (and occasionally unwanted) advisor to federal New Democrat candidates David Turner and Jennifer Burgis. But what's the party's leading red brigadier up to now? Well, word has reached Public Eye that Mr. Najari has joined an organization called Left Turn. Apparently, its members seem to think the New Democrats aren't socialist enough. And they're determined to run an independent slate of commies in the next election - a plan the party's apparatchiks aren't too worried about. Said one, "Frankly, if Mehdi Najari wants to go off and be part of Left Turn and do that, he should fill his boots. Leave us alone."


Maybe Mehdi can take Alicia Barsallo and her Shining Path followers, into Left Turn into Oblivion. I've always believed that somehow these people got lost in the Lower Mainland. The provincial NDP offices are on Boundary Road on the Burnaby side of the Burnaby Vancouver Border. I believe that the Communist/Marxist Leninist Party's offices are on Commercial Drive. Please don't confuse the 2 of them ever again.

Let's face it, Canada being a first world country doesn't have the stomach for armed insurrection. Heck thanks to the Gun Registry, I don't think there are enough arms to even try. Please, just go, and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Mehdi was a breathe of fresh air in the NDP leadership campaign. I had some reservations about some of his ideas, and his presentational style, but he had ideas, he had passion (some would say too much passion), and most importantly, he made alot of people remember why they got involved in politics in the first place, as was recognized by Carol James in her victory speech.
PS. I have never heard Medhi advocate that Canadians should consider armed insurrecton, this is a cheap shot.

If you read the post, you would see that I was not necessarily referring to something that Mehdi said. I was referring to the Left Turn gang that he wants to associate himself with. And sorry, but when I used to go to events at Vancouver Kingsway, one couldn't rip ones eyes away from all the communist and revolutionary paraphenalia and comments. Just how many Che Guevara shirts can one wear.

I'm one of those people that Stevie O referred to as a mushy middle-ite. I realize that going either too far to the left or right doesn't work, because frankly, the majority of Canadians occupy the middle of the political spectrum.

They believe in strong social programs balanced by fiscal responsibility. Wise spending with compassion. Mehdi continually referred to the party as "climbing in bed with the biguh buizzness" (spelt to be pronounced in the way he used to say it during those leadership debates.)He attacked Mike Harcourt and just about every member of the NDP and also members of labour unions throughout the leadership campaign. When running for leadership, one shouldn't attack those he/she is looking to lead.

But he ran on an issue based idea, and for that I do give him credit, even though I pretty much disagreed with almost everything he said in attacking people like me. But I will give him his due.

I was glad to see that he didn't finish last in the leadership debate. That distinction belonged to Peter "Look it up on my website" Demitrov.

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