Running into Walls

Public Eye has obtained a summary of Insurance Corporation of British Columbia records, under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, which exposes new information about disgraced provincial government heavy-weight Doug Walls' past business practices. According to the summary, a Prince George auto body shop, owned and managed by Mr. Walls (a cousin-in-law to Premier Gordon Campbell), was the focus of two corporation audits that found "discrepancies in billing" and "concerns regarding the quality of work" at that shop.

Mr. Walls, you may remember, resigned from his position as acting chief executive officer of a multimillion dollar government agency back in January when the Times Colonist revealed a special prosecutor was looking into serious allegations of fraud against the former Prince George car dealer. The Times Colonist also reported Mr. Walls, who was awarded thousands of dollars in untendered or mismanaged contracts by the government, was appointed to that position even though political officials had been notified of allegations.

The first audit, conducted in 1994, was prompted by complaints about "discrepancies in the billing for parts and work performed on a specific claim" at Fred Walls & Son (Body & Paint Center) Ltd. The corporation found there wasn't enough evidence to support those allegations. But ICBC still "recovered portions of the funds paid for parts and work listed on the bills."

The second, more extensive audit in 1996, revealed "billing discrepancies and concerns regarding the quality of work performed on repairs." As a result of that report, Mr. Walls and his partner Mike Millard fired the shop manager, who was held responsible for the problems, and contacted "all vehicle owners identified to have work completed to standards required by ICBC."

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Hey how come you had your FOI request addressed so "quickly". Didn't the Government first lose it, have someone's dog eat it, have to get permission from 3rd parties, have the case worker go on vacation, have to get approval from the ADM and then utlimately decide to severe anything because of S.15, S.22, etc, etc?

I think that you must secretly be working for THEM. How else do you explain this special privledge?

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