Next comes the pimple cream

It had to happen eventually: just like boys on the cusp of manhood, the provincial Liberals have finally discovered women. Senior government insiders confirm the West Annex has directed the communications shop at community, aboriginal and women's services to put together a comprehensive list of everything good the Campbell administration has done for the fairer sex. That directive, which came down during the recent legislative session and has been passed along to other ministries, is said to have been a reaction to Ipsos-Reid Corp. numbers showing support for the Liberal among women lagging. According to the company's latest polling, released last month, just 28 percent of women would vote for the governing party if an election were held today, compared with 36 percent of men. The premier's office has also asked community, aboriginal and women's services flaks to put together another list identifying the government's First Nations success stories.

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It'll be a bloody short list.

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