Keating's second crossroad

Provincial New Democrat vice-president and former party leadership candidate Craig Keating is considering seeking the nomination in North Vancouver-Lonsdale, a riding previously held by leftie political commentator David Schreck. During the leadership race, the talented Mr. Keating, a centrist city councillor and Langara College history instructor, was best known for his ability to create an incredible amount of smoke with very little kindling - delivering firebrand speeches while standing on a paper-thin campaign platform. Half-way through the race, he dropped out to endorse former MLA Leonard Krog (even going so far as to second his nomination). But, when Mr. Krog's convention speech failed to meet expectations (and competitor Carole James came out in front on the first ballot), Mr. Keating put on a James scarf - a move that irked some party members.

Mr. Keating will be likely running against Cathy Pinsent, a member of the Hospital Employees' Union provincial executive and shop steward at Lions Gate Hospital, and federal New Democrat North Vancouver candidate John Nelson.

Mr. Nelson, who has worked as a researcher and writer for the David Suzuki Foundation, the Sierra Club of British Columbia, and BC Wild, lost the riding but managed to earn 15 percent of the popular vote - ten points more than his predecessor Sam Schechter (who, at one point, was a member of Mr. Keating’s leadership campaign team). This would be what some would charitably call a morale victory.

North Vancouver-Lonsdale is currently held by Liberal backbencher Katherine Whittred, who won the riding in 1996 with 46 percent of the vote - beating out Mr. Schreck by 10 points.


Craig Keating, go away. If not for your own sake, for the sake of the party.

Craig really showed his immaturity last year during his leadership campaign which was long on wind and short on ideas. Then he dropped out for 'personal reasons' and then proceeded to trash all of the other leadership candidates. Then he endorsed Leonard, but ditched him as soon as Carole was ahead on the 1st ballot. Oh well, at least you have your principles, Craig.

I don't know how successful Craig (or any other NDPer) is going to be in this riding. The NDP only got 12% of the vote here (and finished 3rd) in 2001. I know it was a really bad year for them, but 12% is over 50% worse than their provincial average.

craig is nothing more than a political oppurtunist who hibernated a little to early.
there will be many more in the next 6 months.

high hopes no ambition.


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