When vegetables attack

You've really got to feel sorry for Vancouver-Burrard MLA Lorne Mayencourt. Mr. Mayencourt, who introduced anti-panhandling private member bills during the last legislative session, had his constituency office windows shattered by a slingshot back in May. And now, word has reached us that the provincial Liberal backbencher is being pelted with food.

An eyewitness described the incident to Public Eye: "This past weekend, I was taking in all the festivities that is the fabulous pride parade in Vancouver, sitting right around the corner of Cardero and Beach (Street) with a bunch of folks. And Mayencourt's little truck comes by. The crowd was pretty quiet. Not very enthusiastic. He was handing out water bottles. You know. Shaking hands. Being a politician.

But then, off to my right - out of nowhere - comes hurling in this green mass. Not sure what it is. And then - all of a sudden - as he's walking back to the truck, this big head of broccoli smacks him right in the side of the face. The crowd laughed.

He tried to be the bigger person. He tried to ignore it. Like, 'Ha! Ha! I just got hit with broccoli.' Then he caves in, picks up the broccoli and he’s holding it - looking angrily at the crowd like he's going to throw it back. But then he dropped it and got back in the truck."

Mr. Mayencourt has not yet return phone calls placed yesterday and earlier today to talk about the broccoli incident. However, at the time his office was vandalized, the backbencher told CTV News, "It's a bad sort of signal the way politics is going right now. It's so polarized. We are trying very hard to have an open debate with people and there is a fringe element that thinks this is the way to get things done."


On the brighter side, it could have been a cabbage.

I hope the broccoli was okay.

I now eagerly await Mr Mayencourt's private member's bill to ban the sale of vegetables -- fresh or canned -- in the Downtown peninsula. It's for everyone's safety, y'know.

Too bad the person stuck to the vegetable part of the Canada Food Guide. I would have recommended some QUACKing duck, maybe a rotten egg or 2.. and why not, a head of cabbage. Mind you, being socially conscious, I do feel for Mr. Mayencourt. After all, that head of broccoli could have gone to better use, such as feeding a hungry soul or someone else hurt by the Fiberals policies.

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