Sympathy for the Devil

Adrian Dix must be a sucker for punishment. According to a leaked internal party email, Premier Glen Clark's former right-hand man is one of five candidates who "have indicated that they will stand" for the provincial New Democrat nomination in Vancouver-Kingsway. Mr. Dix, an executive director with the Canadian Parents for French, is also a columnist for the Victoria Times Colonist. And some party members would rather see him keep writing rather than run. After all, the Liberals would surely use his candidacy as proof that Carole James' New Democrats aren't all that new.

Mr. Dix will be running against former Vancouver-Kingsway candidate Alicia Barsallo, whose supporters are said to control the riding's constituency association. Comandate Barsallo, a community/communist activist, was an outspoken advocate for student and union rights in her native Peru. She also happens to be one of the candidates New Democrat moderates would rather not see run in the next election.

Shavinder Parmar, a house builder and small businessman, is also seeking the nomination. Mr. Parmar ran for that nomination prior to the last election and lost to Ms. Barsallo by two votes. He's joined by Roberto Rous who was a regional director for the student activist organization Kabataang Makabayan in the Philippines before immigrating to North America in 1976. Mr. Rous is a steward at the Vancouver Golf Club. Kay Hale, who works for an employment agency, is also listed in the email as having declared her intention to stand for nomination, as is union activist Kelly Quinn, who is actually planning on running in Vancouver-Kensington.

Vancouver-Kingsway is currently held by Liberal backbencher Rob Nijjar who won in 2001 with almost 50 percent of the vote. The constituency association has asked the party to schedule its nomination meeting for November 28. The following is a copy of the email.


----- Original Message -----
Subject: Van-K nomination mtg date
To: BC NDP Executive
From: Vancouver-Kingsway NDP Constituency Association
Date: 26 July 2004


Please be advised that the Constituency Executive has decided that the best date for the holding of our nomination meeting is the afternoon of Sunday 28 November 2004, alternative dates being Sunday 5 December 2004, Saturday 27 November 2004, and Saturday 4 December 2004.

After a thorough search of all possible venues, we have found that the auditorium and cafeteria of a Vancouver-Kingsway secondary school in walking distance of a Skytrain station are available for all of the above dates and at a rate much lower than other equally large centres.

We have now complied with the membership growth, candidate search, and financial requirements made in the new rules you have issued for nomination meetings ["Moving our Election Strategy Forward: 2005 Nomination Meetings," distributed in May 2004, and "2005 Nomination Meeting Procedures," distributed early this month].

We would therefore like to request that you give the go ahead as soon as possible in order to allow us to confirm and secure one of the bookings.

The holding of the nomination meeting at the end of November will give our candidates to the nomination until the end of August to recruit new members, as under the constitution only those members who have been in the party for three months or more are able to vote at a nomination meeting.

The constituency has now more than tripled the membership it had in November 2003 (we have around 1,000 members), it has more money in the bank than the $3,000 minimum required by you, and five of the six people who have indicated they will seek the nomination fit the "affirmative action" label.

Since Vancouver-Kingsway requires no assistance from Provincial Office to hold the nomination meeting, the proposed dates should cause no scheduling poblems.

We have decided that our nomination meeting should be on a Sunday as opposedto the evening of a working day, for a number of reasons. Many Vancouver-Kingsway members work full time. For them, attendance to long evening meetings is difficult, as they come home from work tired and must go to bed early in order go to to work the next day. Our senior members usually do not go out at night. And for a good number of our members who are shift workers a meeting on a weekday evening is not possible.

As a constituency, we feel it is our duty to hold a nomination meeting at a time when attendance can be maximized, thus not only encouraging but facilitating the direct participation of our members. In our view a well-advertised and accessible nomination meeting that makes the attendance of most members possible is part of the kind of democratic process that can build the momentum that will lead to a successful grassroots participation in the election campaign.

We have also decided that our nomination meeting should not be any later than the end of November or the very beginning of December, 2004 as any later than that brings us into the Christmas season. And to hold our nomination meeting beyond the Christmas season, in 2005, would seriously undermine the chances of the nominated NDP candidate, and our constituency association, to organize and run a good campaign against the BC Liberals.

With regards to the fundraising plan you request of constituencies, our constituency's plans include: making a serious attempt to get donations from the people gathered on nomination day; making a major effort to request financial donations from individuals, organizations, and small businesses starting at the beginning of December 2005; holding a major fundraising dinner in early February 2005 on a date when Carole James and – we hope also Jack Layton - is able to attend; and selling Vancouver-Kingsway buttons and t-shirts on an ongoing basis.

Please find enclosed our candidate search report and be advised that our Candidate Search Committee spoke with many more people than those who in
the end showed willingness to become candidates.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For the Vancouver-Kingsway NDP Constituency Association,

Arlene Schimmelpfennig (President)
Isabel Lopez (Vice-President)
Andrew Adler (Membership Secretary)

To: BC NDP Executive
By fax to Provincial Office and by email to Provincial Executive members
From: Vancouver-Kingsway NDP Constituency Association
Date: 22 July 2004

Re: Vancouver-Kingsway's Candidate Search Committee Report

Please be advised that in compliance with section 12 of Appendix A of the BC NDP Constitution, our association has formed a candidate search committee composed of two women and two men [Michele Todd, Michelle Des Lauriers, Victor Finberg, Oscar Lopez], and these are the committee's findings:

Six people have indicated that they will stand for the Vancouver-Kingsway NDP nomination:

Alicia Barsallo
Adrian Dix
Kay Hale
Shavinder Parmar
Kelly Quinn
Roberto Rous

Of the above persons, five [Alicia Barsallo, Kay Hale, Shavinder Parmar, Kelly Quinn, and Roberto Rous] are "affirmative action" candidates.

For the candidate search committee:

Michelle Des Lauriers
Michele Todd
Victor Finberg
Oscar Lopez

For the constituency executive:

Arlene Schimmelpfennig, President
Maria Isabel Lopez, Vice-President


Adrian dixs is a devil. He is going door to door to my memebers with glen clark and telling them to not vote for shavinder parmar. Also with him harry lulie and moe shahta.

inderjit parmar is cool

inderjit parmar is cool

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