A progressive alternative to bug spray

Coalition of Progressive Electors director and Office and Professional Employees' International Union staff representative Kelly Quinn may be taking on yet another job: political exterminator. Sources close to Ms. Quinn, who supported moderate leadership Nils Jensen, tell us she is considering seeking the party's nomination in Vancouver-Kensington. Ms. Quinn will likely be competing against David Chudnovsky, the former president of the British Columbia Teachers' Federation.

Mr. Chudnovsky is thought to be something of a pest by a number of party members - partly because he's been aggitating for a union between the Greens and the New Democrats. North Vancouver city councillor Craig Keating, another leadership candidate, had earlier been rumoured to be seeking the nomination but bowed out for family reasons. The riding is currently held by Liberal backbencher Patrick Wong, who defeated Premier Ujjal Dosanjh in 2001 with almost 48 percent of the vote.


Thank God someone's running against David Chudnovsky -- the NDP does not need extremists. When he was BCTF President, he pissed all over the NDP government saying that the BC Liberals would be no worse. My my, how times change.

What about his "the Greens and NDP have to work together" nonsense. How come we haven't heard any more of that empty rhetoric?

Perhaps because its not favourable for someone wanting to take a run for power by going for the NDP nomination to be making such ludicrous, outlandish statements. A blind person could clearly see that outside of the environment and proportional representation, the NDP and Greens have NOTHING in common.

Has David seen the light, or merely changed his tune because the choir wouldn't like it?

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