The other shoe drops (and creates a big splash)

An advanced copy of next month's edition of BC Political Insider, obtained exclusively by Public Eye, reveals there may be more troubled waters ahead for British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. According to newsletter co-founder and former provincial Liberal communications director Ian Jessop, "While a small group of MLAs are opposed to (the company's) decision to have two super-C-class ferries built in Germany or Finland, their ranks may increase when they find out that some of the smaller ferries will be built in Europe too. A source tells BC Political Insider that the smaller ferries currently servicing the Gulf Islands need replacing and they will be built in Poland. That announcement has yet to be made public."


Hmmm... Dan Jarvis and others have spoken out about this, saying how idiotic it is to go offshore when you have an industry right in your own backyard to build the boats. 2000 plus jobs, plus the economic injection of 500 million dollars, particularly this close to a provincial election.

From a strategic and economic point of view, it would have made good sense. Instead, we're going to help out those shipbuilding companies in either Germany or Finland. And as reported in this article Poland. I wonder what German, Finnish, or Polish is for "foolish and stupid?"

No doubt someone's over there having a good laugh at the fact that even though we have the infrastructure here to take on a project like this, that the BC Liberals want to lavish their companies with our tax dollars.

Why is it ok for these countries to heavily subsidize their shipbuilding industries, but its not OK for a BC crown corporation to buy BC? Once again, Campbell's ideology overcomes any sense of logic or fairness.

It would be interesting to know how the 25% import duty thats going to be levied against these boats is going to affect the so called "cost savings" of offshoring 2000 jobs. And if you think that cheaper boats are going to equate into cheaper ferry fares... you're only kidding yourself. All the boats are going to do is increase Mr. Hahn's salary bonus for cutting costs and going the cheap route.

Maybe the first boat that's built should be called The Spirit of Broken Promises and the second one The Spirit of Opportunities Missed. Both commissioned by Gordon "Captain Smith of the Titanic" Campbell.

The Campbell "government" just doesn`t get it. What a novel idea: create jobs for British Columbians, and spend tax dollars in British Columbia.

One has to wonder why our own shipyards cannot provide a competitive bid. The weak Canadian dollar, the 25% import duty, the availability of raw materials, etc should all provide an enormous competitive advantage. After all, WMG and others state we already have the experience and capacity to get the job done. Apparently, even WMG's proposal (which had the ferries built in China BTW) was still uncompetitive.

splash is correct
the liberals are using this so called tendering process to put big labour in it,s rightful place.

talk to anyone who worked on the fast ferries, it was nothing but an unorganized gravy train for all involoved.

can the shipyards here do the job?
dam rights they can.

crediability,, so hard to get, so easy to lose.

lets give them one more chance.


I think Kegler makes an excellent point, "Why is it ok for these countries to heavily subsidize their shipbuilding industries, but its not OK for a BC crown corporation to buy BC? Once again, Campbell's ideology overcomes any sense of logic or fairness."

The key here is that other countries subsidize shipbuilding. We tried that under the last government and look at the disaster. I think the problem here is not with the logic of the Campbell government, but with those who wish to continue corporate welfare.

Sure, we could do it again, and we'd end up with the same results. Thanks, but I'd rather not have my tax dollars wasted to prop up any industry.

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